Ch. 8

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[ A Preferred Tactic ]

Kasai lead his team headed back to their designated spot, who had began chatting amongst themselves of what the hidden challenge could entail.

However he could feel the his former guild's glares and confused stares.

Kasai sighed softly, before he leaned against the wall and began to burn holes on the floor as he thought of a plan...

This of course was noticed by the Fairy tail mages.

"Who's the man in the black?" Ezra muttered

"I don't know, but his magic seems... familiar. Like I felt it before..." Lucy answered her placing a hand under her chin in deep thought.

Kasai silently smirked, when the event started.

Illusions of a city started to materialize down in the arena. Kasai's smirk fell into a frown,

'This doesn't seem difficult-'

when suddenly multiple illusions made to look like copies of the competitors surrounding the real ones.

'I stand corrected it might show some challenge...'

Kasai smirked again

'For them.'

The Sabertooth team didn't seemed worried, and honestly why should they. They all knew Rufus had this in the bag, especially since their Prince suggested this challenge for him in the first place. And his suggestions are always on point and helpful.

The game began with Juvia from Fairytail B hugging Gray (who turned out to be a fake and was puffed to the other side of the arena)

Groaning as she got up, she looked around trying to contain herself from squealing at the multiple Grays surrounding her.

Speaking of Gray, he was currently being targeted by Nullpudding, a member of the Raventail guild. He, too had been sent to the other side of the city as he glared around, cursing under his breath.

"Seems they haven't changed one bit..." Kasai chuckled warmly making his guildmates look at him in confusion.

"Huh? What was that my Prince?" asked Sting

"Nothing," Kasai grunted putting on his cold mask as he focused back on the game. Sting narrowed his eyes but remained quiet remembering what happened to him last time he picked a fight with Kasai.

Eve Tearm, from Blue Pegasus made it snow in the village making it so he could tell which ones were fake or real.

When he was suddenly attacked by Lyon Vastia from Lamia Scale. And not a second later Lyon and Gray started arguing and Juvia (who had recovered) attacked the Lamia Scale mage.

Yukino searched around the larcrimas screens and saw that Rufus wasn't showing.

"Don't fret, Ms. Yukino. I'm sure Rufus is planning something and waiting for the right time to pounce," Lector said with a carefree smile.

"Frosch thinks so too!" Pabu rose on two legs raising his front paws in the air with a confirmed chirp besides them in agreement. Kasai had placed him besides the exceeds to keep him company.

An if on cue, Rufus chuckled, humming.

"This challenge is far too simple. I remember perfectly... the nuances of your movements, the rhythm of your footsteps, your magical presence... It's all in my memory. Memory make..." He began as the sky turned a dark blue.

Sting and Orga smirked. Yukino stared at her guildmate confused while Kasai let a the corners of his mouth move upwards a bit, while Rogue retained his usual stony-face composure but the elemental dragonslayer knew that he was interested in what Rufus was doing.

"Night of Shooting Stars!"

"Amazing," Yukino whispered in awe as the real competitors were electrocuted. On the outside Kasai didn't seem effected by the screams of the screams, but internally flinched as Gray's screams reached his ears.

"And with that Rufus Lore of Sabertooth jumps to the lead with six points!!"

'Six? Weren't there seven other participants?'

Kasai thought thou he wasn't paying attention to the fact that Nullpudding had evaded the attacked. He punched Rufus' body but discovered it was a thin wisp.

"Oh no, another fake!?" He yelped, Rufus smirked holding his hat with one hand while using the other to strike the little man down eating his team another point.

"Not quite. What you attacked was merely a memory of me." He stated calmly. "I found that more effective than a mere decoy."

Gray snarled and attacked the 'vulnerable' Maker-Mage only to be attacked by Nullpudding.

"This challenge is not interesting at all, organizer," he spoke. "So I have no need to hide whatsoever. Even if I were to be found, I wouldn't be able to be hit... what's left of me there is jest a memory, after all."

Mayo was at a loss of words as the gong sound and the building began to vanish.

Rufus made his way back to the stands, where he accepted Sting's high-five. Feeling someone glaring at his team Kasai turned his head to find Gray glaring at Rufus.

While Natsu was glaring at him.

Shaking his head with a sigh, Kasai walked over and congratulated Rufus on his victory.

Rufus than turned around and saluted to Gray with a smirk.

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