iii. codename creation

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If you had told the brunette that she would be staying in a government monitored building, surrounded by government officials; she wouldn't have thought much of it.

To her, it would've sounded so absurd, that she'd laugh about it for a moment before forgetting someone even told her.

But now, as she fiddled with the edges of her white gloves before tugging down the silk blouse that she had dug out from the back of her closet, it didn't sound so crazy.

The ride over was silent, despite the man who had introduced himself as Charles' attempts to fill in the gaps of conversation. Sabrina wasn't much of a talker and she was sure that they would soon learn that about her.

The building in which she would stay seemed oddly clinical to the woman who was more accustomed to worn out stench's and peeling paint. It smelled like a hospital in some ways and it made her want to gag.

"This is your room," She wasn't sure if the British man showed everyone to their room, but she was glad he did it for her.

"Thank you," it was one of the first things she had said to him since leaving the house and her uncle behind. Charles noticed that her voice was oddly soothing and he couldn't help but wonder why he couldn't pick up any signal from her or her mind.

He smiled in response before turning down the hall and leaving the woman alone with her own thoughts. She stepped into her room, dragging her suitcase behind her with shallow tugs. It wasn't that heavy, she just didn't want to pick it up.

It was crazy to think that a few hours ago she was working a shift at a diner, the same every day routine was no longer. In the span of a day - her entire life changed.

While she knew she couldn't be alone in the world, that she couldn't be the only one with powers that made her a different race. But that didn't mean she had met someone, anyone, who could relate to that.

And yet, when the sun rose again and she had hopefully gotten some sleep - she was going to meet more than one.


She was lead down to a room by a man she didn't know but that was mostly because she didn't ask. Her hair suddenly felt itchy against her neck as the surly man kept his eyes trained on her. Both judging her for what she was and evaluating her to see if she was a threat to any part of the government.

Whatever she had been expecting wasn't a room full of people who couldn't be older than twenty three judged on the way they were excitedly acting. Their heads swivelled around to look at the new-comer, taking in her flowing pants and the same silk shirt from the car.

The long sleeves hid the opening of her gloves and she couldn't be more glad about scouring for it than she was right there.

Sabrina had never felt older than she did in that moment either.

Her heels clicked along the floor as they watched her take a seat in the arm chair opposing a blonde boy who looked to be content with simply brooding.

"I'm Sabrina," she offered, splitting her lips into a slightly faux smile. If any of them noticed, they didn't say anything before returning to their conversation - allowing her to jump in every now and then.

"We should think of codenames," Raven had been one of the first to introduce herself to Sabrina and, as the laughter died down, she was the one who decided to start a new conversation, "I mean, we're government agents now," she explained herself upon seeing everyone's gaze turn to her, "i want to be mystique," she announced as a start.

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