Chapter 44 Aftermath

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Chapter 44


 "This isn't right," Declan told me after he pulled me into the empty hallway.  Chris was inside talking to Finn.  "He's 16, he's a child!"

"He's not a child.  You know him, he's an old soul, and more mature than any 16 year old I've ever met," I contested, but the words sounded hollow coming from my mouth.

"And that's why he's lying on the bed in there hooked up to IV's.  You are a very complex man Nicolas," Declan countered, "he obviously couldn't handle it, Chris told me that Finn had been upset about problems with his boyfriend.  Now I find out that's you?!"  I leaned against the wall and sighed.  I mean, what could I say to all of this.  He was right.

"He should be dating boys his own age, hanging out with friends, doing stupid stuff like playing spin the bottle or going on dates to the movies.  He's a teenager.  You're taking that away from him.  It's…it's illegal!"

"I love him Dec.  He and I both believe that age is just a number."  That's all I could think to say and it sounded hollow as the words left my mouth.

 "It's not right!" he ground out, clenching his teeth.

"Calm down Declan," Ajax said walking up to us.  "Nico loves Finn, he wouldn't do anything to hurt him or hold him back.  He gives him everything he needs.  They're good for each other."

"Finn may be good for Nico, but I can't accept that a 16 year old boy living together with a 28 year old in a romantic relationship is good for him.  You're seeing what you want to see." Declan refuted.

"Umm…Declan?  Finn wants to see you," Chris called out as he closed the door behind him.

"Calm down before you go in there," I warned, "he doesn't need to be upset any more right now."  At least Declan agreed as he took several deep breaths before entering the hospital room.

Chris leaned against the wall on the other side of the hallway just looking at me, no expression but he seemed to be studying me intently.

"He got some texts a few days ago," he finally said.  "Pictures…presumably of you."


"Yeah, after the opening.  He was very upset."

This was the first I heard of pictures.  I pulled out my phone and checked my history, but everything from that night backward had been erased.  "There's nothing on here."

"Check his phone," the boy suggested.  "You'd better have a good explanation," he added his tone bitter.

Declan came out a few minutes later.  "Meet me at the car Chris?" he said to his student.

After Chris walked away, Declan looked at me.  "If you do love him, if you really love him, you'll put his needs above your own and let him go, let him live like a normal teenager."  Before I could reply, he walked away and down the stairwell a few rooms down.

I let myself in to Finn's room with Ajax right behind me.

"Nico, when can I go home?" he asked.

"The doctor said there's a mandatory 72 hours stay, because...ahh..."

"Because they think I tried to kill myself? I swear I didn't, can you tell them? I just want to go home."

"I know Finn," I sighed, "a doctor's supposed to come see you later, he's the only one that can release you earlier and he needs to speak with you personally."

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