Mia's POV


Okay, I just wanna put it out there that I'm incredibly nervous to meet Luke's mom. I mean I've talked to her on Skype and on the phone a few times, but we've never met. What if she doesn't like me in person? What if she thinks what everybody else thinks when they see me, "Oh that girl is a pregnant teen, what a slut!" I can tell by the looks on people's faces when I go out that that is what they're thinking. I don't like it when strangers think that of me, let alone my boyfriend's mom.

Those nerves are nothing compared to how nervous I am for Luke and my parents to be in the same room together, for the first time. They already don't like him for well getting me pregnant. I swear to God, they act like he raped me, or like I don't wanna be pregnant, I'm happy and they should be too.

I guess I better get over these nerves because Luke and I have to go pic his mom up right now, and less than an hour after that, I have to go get my parents from the airport. Luke and I are just going to take separate cars to the airport so he can take his mom to our house, there's not enough time to go back home before my parents' plane arrives, the drive to the airport is an hour long.

"You ready, babe?" Luke asked. We were both in the kitchen and Michael was still asleep. Michael doesn't know that Liz (Luke's mom) is coming, so it will be a surprise. The boys love her, they always talk so highly of her, she's pretty great. She's not judgmental (i think), she has always been nice to me, and she's hilarious.

"Um yeah let's go." I said and off we went to the airport. While we walked to the car, I texted all of the guys that Liz and my parents were coming. They're probably all still asleep, but they'll see the message soon enough.

Tanya's POV

I woke up and went downstairs to find Ashton sitting in the kitchen doing nothing, just sitting.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Ashton said with an attitude.

"I don't remember 'Deal with sassy boyfriend' being on my To Do list for today." I said with an equal attitude.

"You know what was on your to do list for quite a few days ago? To go to the grocery store. Here we are with nothing to eat because you were to busy doing God knows what and didn't go to the grocery store!" Ashton yelled.

"Okay geez, I didn't know we were running that low on food. But would it kill you to get off your lazy butt and do the shopping for once?" I yelled back.

"Whatever Tanya." Ashton said.

"Oh how mature and original." I said. "Whatever Tanya." I mocked Ashton.

"I don't know what it is about you lately. You act like I annoy you all day everyday, but you're hardly ever home, so that's not possible." Ashton yelled.

"Yeah I'm not home because I'm at work, working hard unlike you. You sit around tapping on coffee tables for a living." I yelled.

"Yeah meanwhile you pluck eyebrows and apply lipstick for a living." Ashton yelled.

I was about to yell back when I saw Melony. She walked right in between us and looked back and forth at both of us. She had her pink footie pajamas and her stuffed penguin that Luke gave her for her birthday.

"You guys are so loud that I can't sleep." she said quietly and cutely while covering her ears. She walked over to her little table and chair set that was right next to the regular table in the kitchen and plopped down on the seat.

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