Looking for mermaids

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It was a regular day, me and my partner Zangetsu were in a expedition at sea with some other people. We were investigating some strange rumors about sightings of mermaids at some sections of the sea and some islands, we went to an island where some people claimed to see some mermaids. We got off the boat, Zangetsu and I started to interrogate the people that claimed to see these creatures. After a few hours of interrogation:

"Well thats all of the people that were on the list they gave us" Zangetsu says

"Zangetsu do you have any idea why are we doing this?" Vert responds

"Don't you remember, we're looking for mermaids" Zangetsu says in an annoying tone

"Yeah I know, but people think mermaids don't exist" Vert says

"Well there has never been any evidence to support that mermaids have ever existed, but that's why we are here, to find evidence that mermaids do exist" Zangetsu responds

"Well ok, so we should start looking with the information we have", Vert says.

The both of them start looking through the places that people claimed there were mermaids, but they didn't see anything.

"Fuck, we haven't found anything" Zangetsu says as he sighs

"Don't lose hope just yet, we still have one place to look" Vert responds full of optimism

They walk to the last place, it's a beach hidden from everything, almost nobody knows about it, they look around.

Zangetsu sighs and says defeatedly "There is nothing here, I guess mermaids really don't exist..."

Vert keeps looking around the beach "Lets keep looking" Vert says as he flicks his tail, meaning that he has a good feeling about this.

They keep looking for hours on the beach but haven't spotted any mermaids, they sit down on the beach and they both let out a long sigh.

Zangetsu says: "I wonder if the others that were with us had any luck"

Vert looks at him, "Speaking of which, we haven't heard of them since we got off the boat"

Vert says as takes out a communicator of his backpack, "Can anyone hear me this is Vert, we have searched in all the locations that were assigned to us, we did not find any mermaids in any of them, over", nobody responds Vert tries again "Does anyone copy me, over", No one answers him, he twitches his whiskers in confusion. "Why is no one answering me?" Vert says.

"I don't know but it seems really fishy, don't you think?" Zangetsu says, suspicious of the situation.

"Well whatever it is I don't like it, we should see if they are alright" Vert says.

Suddenly they hear a distant splash coming from the sea, Zangetsu quickly turns around and stares at the location where the sound came from and says "What was that?"

Well here is the first part of it hope you enjoy it. Also I left in a cliffhanger intentionally

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