How to Annoy: Workers at Target

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1. Ask worker to help you find a hat. When you decide on one (it will take a while), put it back and say you want it in a different color.

2. As where the dogs are. When they say they don't sell dogs, ask them why they have a dog mascot then.

3. Get a ton of baby toys and claim they're for your baby. Return them the next day saying your car doesn't like them. (Because your cat is your "baby")

4. Stick Frozen stickers all over the Barbie doll section.

5. Start singing Christmas songs during the months from February to Mid-November in the store. Sing summer based songs in December and January.

6. Dress in a fursuit and race your friends around the store in shopping carts.

7. Place marshmallows in the pockets of as many jeans as you can.

8. Try to draw faces on the mannequins.

9. Try to bring your dog into the store. Claim they have rights too.

10. Lock every bathroom stall from the inside in the whole bathroom but leave one open. Walk out like nothing happened.

11. Twerk in the children's toy isles

12. You are a free bird. Let the customers here your calls (aka screech like a bird)

13. Unfold all the underwear and put some in the girl's clothing section

14. Go there in PJs, slippers, and sunglasses.

15. Ask the workers stupid questions until they yell at you.

16. Follow the workers. Act innocent when questioned.

17. Huge a worker of the opposite gender from behind crying: "BAE! I found y-... Hey you're not my (bf's/gf's name)!!!" Smack the imposter.

18. Sit in the middle of the cooking utensil isle (particularly near the kitchen knives), murmuring: "the voices... They want me to kill..." Continuously repeat until bored, then get up and walk away cheerfully.

19. Put vanilla Greek yogurt in a Mayonnaise jar. Walk around the store eat from the jar with a butter knife.

20. Skip around the store in a tutu, singing songs that you can't sing.

21. Scream from the door: "WALMART IS BETTER THEN THIS PLACE! SEE YA, SHANKS!" and face off.

22. Wear a Walmart employee uniform. Tell every Target worker you come across that: "my store is better than your's."

23. Swipe a tag from one of the workers. Go around asking of customers need help.

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