Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Time passed like it always did. Hours became days, and days turned into the eventual weeks. There wasn't a thing I could do to stop it, that's just how these things happened. I tried to accept it.

I tried to keep my mouth shut, I tried to keep my head down. It seemed to be working. Iggy was letting me be, leaving me to believe that he'd probably have some mindfuck in store for me soon. It just seemed to be how he worked. Evan avoided me, talking only when necessary. I couldn't fathom the reason; suddenly it seemed he wanted nothing to do with me. I could play that game.

Sure, things weren't exactly great. I ate lunch alone and rarely had a soul speak to me if they could help it. But, compared to the rest of my years, even that was a Godsend. Besides, it was better this way.

Two weeks after my first day of school, it seemed that I had turned virtually invisible. Who was I to prove anyone differently?

I walked into English class one morning, prepared for an attack from Mrs. Shull, only to to have my expectations met.

"Oh look. It's our cocky little Marti Brash. Too good for this podunk town still?" Her insults were getting worse and worse, and quite frankly, they were just sad.

But even in my invisible state, I was stand-offish.

"Hmm, I think I'm understanding why you're not married at this withering age." Her lips formed a thing, unbreakable line.

I took my seat next to Evan, prepared to sit and silence and pretend to be deeply engaged to one riveting lecture. He always had to throw a curveball, though.

Looking down at my desk, I was startled to see a folded up wad of paper that I could swear had not been there seconds before. This was new for me, taking part in the all hailed note passing process. I was progressing.

Of course, as I let these precious thoughts mull over in my head, precious response time was wasting. What a pity. Honestly, a worldly girl like me should've understood better by this point how to undergo this ritual. But, yes, I was able to overthink getting a note passed to me. The wonders of my mind astound everyone.

I admit, I took my time. But, eventually I got around to opening that little word bomb. A little bit self-conscious that I was supposed to just pass the note on to its intended holder, I nervously unfolded the note.

     Marti. That grand ole guardian of yours has decided you needed a little town tour. Today good?

This kid had to be shitting me. Two weeks of silence and suddenly I get a note? A fucking note.

I crumpled it up, a sarcastic smile on the tip of my lips. "I'm good," I whispered.

His face got that shadowy look again, but I had no reason to try and please anybody, least of all him. To be honest, did he even have a valid reason for his absurd reactions? I didn't exactly think so. He was the one, after all, who gave me the cold shoulder for two weeks with absolutely no apparent reason.

"Whatever. Just trying to help." he hissed back at me.

Jackass. Even so, I nodded my head to let him know that I would in fact go. It was easy to say I hated this wishywashy behavior. I truly loathed it. I just prayed that he was aware of that, for it'd make my life multitudes easier.

He gave me a smug smile, like he'd just won something. What exactly he thought he'd won, I hadn't a clue. Nothing could have bristled my feathers more.

"What the hell was that for?" I hissed. I was seething from head to toe, not quite sure as to why.

His smile faded a couple notches, but it was still present, hiding under that look of mock offense. "Excuse me," he whispered playfully. "I was just extremely happy to be learning about Greek Mythology." Jack. Ass. I kicked him from my seat.

The yelp he let out called Mrs. Shull's attention to our section of the room, ending her lecture right in its tracks. She didn't exactly look pleased, to say the least.

"What, may I ask, called for this lovely interruption of Oedipus Rex?"

Generally I would have thought that theatrics were called for, like something way over the top and completely unnecessary. Something some would say would not be called for. But today I decided to go for the blatant truth.

"Well," I began slowly. "You see, it all started when Evan, this guy right here, put a folded up sheet of paper on my desk. Normally, one might say, this is no big deal. The thing is though...I'm a foster child. Someone once told me that we crave the normalcy of teen life. That was all BS to me. Until now.

"See, when this sheet of paper came into my view, I spazzed. This had never happened to me before. I...I was so happy. You know, that full body experience of happy? I was experiencing a normal, everyday teen ritual. And let me tell you," I paused for emphasis. "I've needed this. I do crave it. I do."

I inhaled deeply, and let my voice ring loud and clear. "I AM NORMAL!"

Maybe I was a bit melodramatic, but it was all in good fun. The best part, though? She wasn't sure if I was serious or not. She was too afraid to disrupt my 'progress' that she just let it slide.

But, even better yet, I had Evan laughing. One of those full-body chuckles that light up even your face to hear.

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