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Sage was a hellhound.

An insane and cruel one. 

That Lana was sure of but if what Danny was saying was true...

"How can you be so sure?" She asked him for further explanation. But he was still glaring at Sage who looked deep in thought. She couldn't wait to know what Sage had in his mind. If they knew what Sage was after, the faster they could kill him. 

"I can feel it, Lana. I'm also a Seeker, remember? And if my theory is right, He's the first Seeker of the world." Danny sighed while rubbing his temple out of habit. 

"Offspring of a demon and a witch." Suddenly a memory from not so long made Lana say the next words. "Sage's parents didn't even realize what they were creating."

"Huh? Oh... Legend has that Seekers don't go well with... Well, the Reapers. When a witch and demon mates, that's what happens. Their offsprings become a Reaper hunter. They were born solely to kill your species. It's like a poison to your kind. You will want to kill them and they'll do the same. If you want I have some books about them."

Hannah knew exactly what Sage was. He had to be a hellhound with Seeker blood.

A hand touching her shoulder suddenly snapped Lana from her wandering thoughts. Glancing up, she saw confusion swirling in Danny's eyes. "What are you talking about? You just said something about a demon and a witch."

"That's the process of born into a Seeker." He gave her a blank stare in return. "God! Do I need to spell it out to you? You are one of them. Of course, your father had to be a demon."

Disgust filled his whole feature making her more confused. "Lana, never, I mean ever tell me that my father was one of them. My father was a human. He fell in love with my mother, a witch. They married and here I am. I refuse to believe anything else."

Oh, God...

He didn't know.

"Danny- I-I talked to a witch. I belonged to a coven for two months. Everyone knows about the Seeker's bloodline. Simply a human-" Lana stopped seeing the cold look return to his face but she had to tell him. He deserved to know everything. "A human wouldn't be able to create a Seeker. I-I am sorry."

"Don't be." He laughed bitterly looking through the window. "Seems like today is the day to bomb me with surprises. Do I need to know anything else? Are you even the real Lana or you are just a fragment of my mind?"

She really wanted to give him some hope. That he wasn't alone, she was there for him. But her body was frozen looking at mass murderers in front of them making plans. Tears of anger spilled from her eyes but she refused to wipe them. Let them fall. Danny also glared at the same sight clenching his teeth.

"We need to do this tonight. Today is blood moon and this opportunity will never come if we fail this time." Sage's voice filled the place along with the other men agreeing with him. 

"But what about Keisha? She won't be able to run. So we could bring her to our side. She did listen to us once. Knowing her, she'll do anything to survive." Another man said loudly but Sage only snorted which made Lana flinch. Was he right? Would her own birth mother betray her daughter again for her own life?

"No, she won't. That time I had made her stronger. But this time she's too weak to choose sides. And I don't think she'll leave her daughter. You know if she chooses our side her daughter will kill her. She was supposed to be killed by her blood only, remember? She was the one who begged me to let her stay beside her daughter. And don't you think it'll be fun to see both trying to survive but fail?" He exclaimed with a laugh but her anger got the best out of her. She wanted to rip that face with her own bare hand.

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