XIX | The Foreign Dwindle

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We have to keep moving. Kajar is waiting for us.

Leading the beta group through the mossy forest, Ronald was having a huge amount of difficulties. The trees and branches were all coated with a layer of slippery and slimy mosses. It was almost impossible for the dwindles to get a good grip while leaping across the forest. Nonetheless, it was not an option as this was the only and safest way away from the Kingdom of Alora.

Observing the movements of the pigeons in the ruby skies, the experienced chief knew that men were right behind them. "Let's move!" Unfortunately, majority of the elders and younglings were facing huge obstacles in doing so. His father, Elnor Biscus, was one of them, leading the group at the back. They weren't trained to leap for such a long period of time.

"Ronald!" A familiar voice traveled across the mossy forest. It was Kanor's. Trusted by the chief, he was sent to scout the direction they were heading.

"What is it?" The chief responded with a few breaths flowing in a hurry. He was preparing himself for the worst news he could possibly hear. "Knights?"

"No, it was two men on sabers, about fifty leaps upfront," Kanor responded as he rested his little feet. It was certainly tiring to leap around the branches although they had powerful legs.

"Sabers? They must be the members of the forsaken clans," Ronald hypothesized. Being  enslaved in the Elven Forest wasn't the best thing that could have happened to the dwindles. Having literally no knowledge about the outside world, it was hard for them to determine anything. Everything seemed unfamiliar beyond the Elven Forest.

"I couldn't get a good look but it seemed that they were searching for something."

"I presume that it will not be safe for the tribe to go there." Ronald made an assumption that was based on the safety of his tribe. Nearly a hundred dwindles were following his tracks and the chief definitely felt the weight on his shoulder.

"Yes, we must avoid them at all costs," Kanor agreed wholeheartedly.

"We'll keep moving but stay away from them at least twenty leaps. I don't want them to spot us," Ronald commanded to Kanor and his entire tribe.


Upon nearing the location where Kanor saw the saber riders, Ronald took precautions. From branches to branches, he leaped with coordination with Kanor and a few experienced scouts. They were inching closer every time they leaped.

Ronald, rubbed his eyes thoroughly, had observed like an eagle towards the two faded shadows. As he looked carefully, he noticed the height difference between the two riders.

Wait, could it be?

Bombarded with curiosity, Ronald leaped in close proximity. Soon, he was able to see clearly. On the left, there was a female riding on a saber. But on the right, there he was. A dwindle.

Riding on a saber, the foreign dwindle was certainly not one of them. His clothes were coated with not silk, but iron. It seemed that the chest piece he was wearing was purposely mended with a smaller size just for the dwindle.

Ronald, looking at the saber rider in disbelief, whispered to Kanor, "Is that a dwindle? How is that possible?"

"I believe he is... one of us." Kanor was very sure.

As the saber riders seemed to be done with the place they were in, they started to move out. Ronald, still scratching his dwindle head about his origin. He felt a weird sensation when he saw that dwindle, riding on a beast, mounting freely across the forest.

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