5. interrupted

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I was quietly doing my work in class, which I had to say was very easy, when a loud bang was heard.

Yoongi sighed next to me, and I looked up to see what caused the noise.

Someone had come in late, his dark messy locks sticking up in odd places, while his lips looked slightly swollen and nice and pink. He was very handsome, very beautiful features which almost looked symmetrical. He wore ripped jeans and a tight shirt which showed his toned and fit torso nicely, adding to his looks.

Just one thing, though. His aura was practically the definition of what my parents told me to stay away from. The male didn't even pass the teacher a glance before heading straight for the back of the class.

He locked eyes with me, and a smirk grew on his face as he neared me. I shifted uncomfortably when he took the empty seat on my other side.

"You're late Mr. Kim" the teacher, whose name is Mrs Jace, said sternly.

"No shit Sherlock" the 'Mr. Kim' rolled his eyes.


Ma'am just glares at him before telling him to start working.

"Hey dude" Yoongi greets.

"Morning grandpa"I hear Yoongi growl something under his breath.

"whatever, as I was saying meet Jungkook" he nudges me.

I sat there in my own confuzled little world, not noticing them.

"Hey, Jungkook!" He slaps the back of my head and I whine at him.

"Hyung!" I pout.

"You're not listening!"

"But that's because I'm confused!"

His eyebrows furrowed, "about?"

I stay silent for a minute, before saying, "what's shit?"

His eyes widen slightly, before he glares at the boy on the other side of me, "I hate you" he huffs, "you are to never repeat that word again, okay? Its a bad word"

I nod my head vigorously, not wanting to make Yoongi upset, "y-yes Yoongi hyung"

"Now, as I was saying, Jungkook meet Taehyung" he flicks his head to the boy on the other side of me.

Wait that's Taehyung?!

I turn to look at him slowly, my eyes wide as I look up at the handsome male.

"Nice to meet you baby boy" he winks at me. I pout again.

"I'm not a baby! My name is Jungkook" he just continues to smirk.

"Well, baby boy, you better be respectful to your daddy" he leans in, eyes piercing into my soul.

I blushed at how close he was to my face, "y-you're not my d-daddy!"

I try to lean back but he grabs my chin and pulls me closer, so close his breath fanned out across my face. My breath hitched and my blush deepened.

"Taehyung get off of the damn kid, you predator" Yoongi comes to the rescue and pushes the male away from me.

I let out the breath I had been holding and shake my head slightly.

"Thanks h-hyung" he nods at me and goes back to his work. I ignore Taehyung who is openly staring at me and finish off my work quickly.

Time skip to lunch

"Come on Kookie!" Jimin grabs my hand and pulls me along, not that I minded. He and I just came out of a class we had together, which was still as easy as my first lesson.

He pulls me through the halls until we reach a large room where plenty of tables have been placed and a long line of students waited to buy food.

"Woah!" I look in wonder, mouth slightly agap.

"Its nothing special" Jimin giggles.

"It is to me" I smile and look back at Jimin.

"You're so cute" Jimin pinches my cheeks before bringing me to a table.

Namjoon and Jin hyung were already seated there as well as Hobi.

I sat down next to Jimin, facing the other 3.

"Aww, my baby is here! How is your first day so far?" Jin eomma coos.

I flash him a large bunny smile, "Its so much fun!"

"At least someone enjoys this hellhole" Namjoon chuckles.

Jin rolls his eyes, "ignore this man, its good that your having fun"

I giggle, "thanks eomma"

Jin smiles fondly at that name, while the other three have widened eyes.

"Wait, since when was my brother your son?"

Jin raises his chin up and looks down at Hobi before snapping, "since forever!"

"Okay okay, geez..." Hobi laughs nervously.

"No fair! I want to be his eomma too!" Jimin grumbles.

"You're too stupid to be his mom" Namjoon says bluntly.

Jimin pouts, and the other two males come and take a seat on either side of us. Taehyung sat next to me, and Yoongi sat next to Jimin which causes all of us to squish.

"Yoongi! Namjoon called me stupid" he whines, and Yoongi glances at Namjoon before giving him a high five.

"How dare you!" Jimin looks shocked, and turns away from his boyfriend.

He wraps his arms around me and buries his face in my neck, making me freeze.

"J-Jimin hyung??"

Yoongi glares sharply at me, jealously evident in his eyes.

"Kookie is nice, and everyone else is mean"

"U-um" I make a distressed face to the rest of the group, not used to having people this close to me.

Hugs are fine, but this makes me feel weird.

"Jimin" Yoongi says sternly and I could feel Jimin stiffen, "come" and with that, he gets up and walks away. Jimin immediately gets up with a panicked face and follows him.

"They better fuck quietly or someone will here" Taehyung chuckles.

"Agreed, I remember what happened last time they did it and got caught by Mr. Vander" Hobi snickers.


What did they do?

"Um..." I pout, and Taehyung looks at me blankly.

"Whats... Fuck?" I look up into his eyes, my own eyes widened slightly.

He looks surprised for a moment, and just stares at me, before changing his feature into a smirk, "its something we are going to do in the near future baby boy"

My eyebrows furrow and I wanted to tell him that that doesn't explain what it is when Jin interrupted, "Jungkook, it's nothing"

I gulp at his stern voice and nod quickly, "o-ok"


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