Chapter 22 - "No luck?"

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Dominic's POV

Lisa was still holding onto me as she was crying. I had no idea how to comfort her. I mean, I never really knew how. It was always hard for me to deal with my emotions. Let alone someone else's. All I just did was holding her and pressing her against me which surprisingly seemed to work.

After a while, Lisa pulled out of the hug and looked at me. Her blue eyes were red and shiny. Her eyes were swollen just because of the amount she had cried. I just never understood why she would cry for a girl like Maira.

Everyone knew that I didn't like Maira. Well they were partly wrong. I hated her. I hated Maira.

Maira was a imposter. She became rich and famous because of my parents disappearance. She wasn't even their daughter. She wasn't family. She just wasn't. I was the one that was hurting. I lost my parents in one day and my grandmother had to hide me with her somewhere in America until it was safe for us to go out in public.

We have been through so much. My grandmother used to work day and night in order for me to go to school, have a house and food. Now it was my turn to do so. It was my turn to pay her off. Maira didn't deserve what she got. She didn't deserve the Sherwood mansion because it belonged to the Sherwoods. Not to a fake one but the real ones.

I was their heir. I deserved this. I couldn't care less about the money or things but it belonged to my parents, knowing that all their ground is now in someone's name that just cares about the wealth made me feel sick.

Everytime I saw Maira's face, I felt like hurting her. I felt like making her suffer because that's all she deserved. For all I knew was that I wanted her to be in pain and for me too see that but when she was bleeding out, dying. I helped her...

I guess I wasn't that emotionless as my grandmother sometimes claimed me to be towards others but still this did not proof anything. I would never care for Maira. Never in my whole life. She ruined my parents legacy, misusing their money and the family name. I would never forgive her for this.

"We have to go back to Maira." Lisa said whilst she was sobbing. In my thoughts, I wanted to scream at her and tell her how much of a fool she is to care for someone as her but I knew she wouldn't believe me.

There was something special about her and Maira's friendship. I guess everyone could see that. They cared for each other more than they actually should. Seeing both of them, I guess losing one another would entirely kill them.

"Yeah, you are right." I said to Lisa before both of us together walked back to the lift so we could get back to the department where Maira was.

When we were back, I saw Matthew leaning with his back against the wall. When he saw me and Lisa walking in, I could see the slight smirk on his face. I knew what he meant but it didn't happen.

Matthew and I made a bet. Well not really. I saw it more as a competition. We crossed our paths with Maira and Lisa before we even got the roles or at least me them at the set.

Well, less say they were not really friendly. Especially Lisa.

Matthew and I were bickering about how easy it was to get Maira or Lisa wrapped around our fingers. He thought Maira was easier as she was emotional and probably would trust people easier. However, I did not see that.

I saw through Lisa. She had a wall builded around her and she wouldn't let anyone break it down. Even if someone would try, Lisa would hurt them in a way of that they would never come back to her. All I had to do was show her that I would be there and I know I would have her.

Matthew didn't approve. He did not believe it at all. He was convinced that Maira was easier to get so we made a bet on it. Whoever got the girl first would get a thousand dollars. Easy. I mean we would get to get the girl and some money for it. I didn't see why not.

The only problem was that Alberto knew about this. Their best friend. Well he laughed at us. Saying that Maira nor Lisa would fall for our charms. I guess he was wrong but it made it easier now that Lisa didn't wanted to talk to Alberto.

I mean, I felt sorry for him. I really did but it made my game with Lisa easier.

Lisa walked towards Kat and Em. I saw Matthew walking closer to me and I rolled my eyes as he was chuckling.

"No luck?" He asked and I looked at him as I rolled my eyes at him. What a dick.

"No. It would be impossible for her to even kiss me. Remember? Her best friend is fighting death. Well your girl is." I said with a smile and now it was Matthew's turn to roll his eyes.

"At least I got to kiss her. I tasted her a bit. You didn't even did that." Matthew said and looked over at Lisa. I looked at Lisa who was about to break down again.

"Well at least she is here and I will be able to do it one day. Your girl is dying. That's probably the last time you will ever do something with her." I said and Matthew just laughed.

He was probably even worse then me. He added on top of getting Maira and Lisa to like us. He wanted to go to bed with Maira and then break her heart. I would never do that to Lisa. That was just horrible. I would never hurt a girl like that.

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"Doctor!" I heard Lisa say which made me jump out of my thoughts. When I looked in the direction where Lisa was running towards too, I saw the doctor coming out of the room.

"Miss, you have to step aside." He said and right after he said that, Maira's bed was wheeled out of the room.

An oxygen mask was on her face and her was awfully pale. It looked like she really lost a lot of blood. Lisa's face sank down as soon as she saw Maira.

"Oh my god! Maira!" She shouted as the doctors tried pushing her bed through. She held onto Maira's bed and the tears were already streaming down her face.

"Oh god, please wake up!" She shouted but Maira still did not answer. She was unconscious. She looked dead...

"Please step aside." The doctor said again but Lisa did not listen. She kept on holding Maira's bed and eventually held onto her hand.

"Maira, wake up." She said as she was still crying. Her voice was shaky.

Before Lisa could say anything else, Alberto moved Lisa away from Maira's bed so they could go through. She kicked Alberto many times but he did not let go of her.

"Let me go!" She screamed hysterically as if she was going to die if she didn't get to Maira. I looked over at the nurses who led were wheeling her bed into the elevator. Before the doors of the elevator closed, Lisa managed to lose herself from Alberto's grip.

"Maira!" She shouted as if she thought that Maira could hear her but she couldn't. Lisa was literally desperate to get to her...

I have never seen... this... I have never seen someone care so much for someone else...

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