Prince of the Sea

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Kosir - Father figure
Mesma - Mother figure
Esa - Assigned girl
Eva - Assigned boy
Esva - Child before assigned a gender; Assigned nuetral/intersex

Dach/Da - No
Neloth - Family

Cami - Please
Vinruk - A title. Monarchical ruler

Vinev - A title. Monarchical ruler's son

Vines - A title. Monarchical ruler's daughter

Vinez - A title. Monarchical ruler's child

TW: Transphobia, manipulation, misgendering.

* * *

Standing tall, staring down his parents, Emilod felt his stomach roil. This was always hard, talking to his parents heart to heart. It was too formal, too stiff. He stood in the center of their sitting room, two guards at the door. Like usual.

Who would hear it this time? He wondered as his Mesma flitted around the room, busy as always. Glancing at the two weapons-trained guards, he didn't recognize either. Oh Good, he thought moodily, someone new.

His Kosir took the seat across from where Emilod stood, laughing and saying something to his spouse that the young maesa missed, too engrossed in his thoughts.

This was something he had been dreading for years. He had hidden himself away, squandering plenty of opportunity to speak up, and hoped it would be swept under the rug. It was time to fix that.

"Em," said his Mesma, catching Emilod's attention, as she finally came to join her spouse. "You should sit, too. Come, you are very stiff."

Nodding, he sighed and sat across from them. His stomach was in knots. "My apologies," he mumbled, looking away from his Kosir's stare.

He always knew when something was wrong, and Vinruk Saeth Certia had quite the severe look about him. Even with the fanciful jewelry draped over him, even with the fine golden and silver woven into his hair, even with the coral decorative buttons and silk drapery, he looked intimidating. Perhaps it was the sharper-than-normal teeth, or the powerful magic that emanated from him, or the muscles that rippled under tight, black skin.

Saeth would never hit his children, but that didn't stop Emilod from being afraid. Physical violence had never scared him, but the thought of disappointing his Kosir? Terrifying.

Reaching out to rest his hand on Emilod's knee with a big paw of a hand was not abnormal, and he did so when Emilod seemed nervous sitting there in front of them. He did it with all the esa - and Em. "Tell us, what bothers you?" His voice was lilting in the way that all maesa voices were musical, but rumbling and deep, scratchy like his short-cropped beard.

Emilod swallowed and nodded again. "I suppose I should, since I called you here," he started carefully. "I want to talk to you and Mesma about... Me." Pausing for effect, he looked between the two sets of blue eyes before adding, "And my future as your heir to the throne."

The two parents shared a look, and Emilod's Kosir's hand slipped away. Good, he thought. Perhaps they'll take this seriously this time.

Clearing his throat, Emilod began with, "I know it has been a while since I wanted to ask about how you refer to me." He started slow, saying encouragingly, "I know that you have done well to use the right referential words, and I appreciate your efforts. However, I wish to speak about my title as Vinev again."

Vinruk Elsi Certia, Emilod's Mesma, sighed deeply. "Emilod," she began, but he cut her off.

"I am not going to ask any more." Sitting just a bit taller, he tried to hide the way his hands trembled by clasping them tightly in his lap. "I have asked, in no uncertain terms, that you respect me as I am, and this has not happened yet."

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