🌹Chapter Forty - One🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


The airplane lands softly in Paris and not long after that, we stand up. Even though, I didn't want to leave that seat. I would like to live in that plane because of how comfortable that seat actually was, and I do believe that Alexander does agree on that.

While we watched the movie, he fell asleep after like twenty minutes, while I got so sucked into the movie and I actually liked that one, which is strange since it wasn't really my taste but I didn't enjoy it. I have no idea what it is called, but I did enjoy it.

I too, fell asleep at some point after the movie, but I did wake up before we landed, however Alexander slept through most of the flight, only woke up with the pilot in the speaker system telling us that we shall be landing shorty. My eyes are glued to the window, and I don't want to look away.

The beauty of Paris right in front of me. "Don't you want to see it outside? The city will still be there if you take your eyes of it even for a second" Alexander says, with amusement in his voice, it's clear that he's enjoying this. I don't care about that, I'm too busy watching the city and all its wonders.

But, I can't deny the fact that he's right. I force my eyes from the city and we walk out of the plane, the flight attendants smiling at us and thanking us for the flight. I only smile back at them with a kind smile, well more like grinning. The excitement in my body is making me act like a child right now and grinning like one.

As soon as I'm outside and I touch the ground in Paris, I take a deep breath, this is so wonderful and I'm so happy about his whole thing. Never have I ever been on a plane and been thousands of kilometers up into the air and above the ground and stepped foot on another country.

But, now I've done all of those things. And I'm freaking out about it, but in a good way. My insides are all jumping from joy, like the rest of me. Alexander takes my hand into his and I blush. "Seeing it from a distance is one thing, we can actually go there" He says with a laugh.

I know he's making fun of me, but I don't care. I'm just enjoying the moment and this all. Letting this soak into my brain is hard to believe that this is actually happening to me. "Fine, I suppose there's a bit of truth in that" I tell him, trying to sound naturally and normal.

I smirk as he only chuckles. We get into a black car that has a French driver, and I just learned that Alexander actually speaks French. I had no idea that he could speak another language, then again I don't know much about him. That it's sad to think about, but on the bright side, I'm getting to know him better now, little by little.

The car takes us to the airport itself and we walk from there to the exit of it and there we get into another car. I'm still in shock of how the man holding my hand, and yes we're still holding hands and don't intend letting go any time soon, anyway he speaks French.

I've never met someone who speaks French and now I have without even knowing that he was able to speak and understand French. He also speaks with a French accent, and he does it fluently. I wonder if he has ever lived in France or something because that is the only explanation of this.

"How do you speak fluent French?" I ask him, I don't look at him as I stare outside the window of the black car we are in. We have been sitting in silence for some time now, well unless you count the 'awes' and 'uuhhs' that came from me, as my eyes were watching everything.

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