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She is the only one who reminds me that I need to live. To live for her. I don't want her to feel the cruelty of this world. I'm sure that she will understand me. Honestly I don't want to work anymore but for her sake I need to.

I don't have an idea what being a mother is what will they do for their children, how will they support their children or take care of them. Well I was only 15 when I got pregnant to her and I don't have anyone to support not even my family if I can call them a family that is.

I remembered that I left that f*cking house because my child will get hurt at that time if I don't leave. She's not safe at that house even if she's just in my womb I knew that she will get hurt so my wisest decision at that time is to leave that house. And I don't regret it.

I can endure all the pain for her but I can't bear to see her getting hurt. It will be my worst nightmare if she leave me all alone. She is my only one in this world I can't live if she is gone from me. This thoughts keep filling my head and I cannot help it this situation were in is really complicated it making me anxious. As the days will pass this feelings will only grow within me and I can't let that happen I must find a way to avoid this. I will do everything I can for my daughter.
Even if she hates me for not giving her a life like other children I would still do this just for her.

I'm startled by the ringing phone in my table I sighed it's back to normal again huh. The caller is one of my office mate oh the annoying freaking woman. What is the matter again damn promblems after problems.

"Hello Janette Riva speaking"

"Hey it's me Flor Gomez I called you because I'm reminding you are late for 30 minutes now and  someone is  waiting for you he said that he is your father"

Her last sentence send a cold shiver to my whole body my hands is also trembling while holding the phone. Damn it couldn't be him right he can't find us. I just realize that I'm frozen in my place for a while now.

"hello hello janette still there? he said that he will wait for you no matter what Uhm who is he really do you honestly no him or not cause I can call the guards to drag her out of the building"

"yes please I don't know him and I don't have a father so it's not really him if he ask for my place please don't tell him. He is a dangerous man so please.....and could you remind me if he's not there anymore. Thank you for telling me this Flor thank you"

"oh it's no problem besides I sensed danger from him since he arrived here. What a suspicious man I thought then he introduced himself as your father but in your data you did not say something about family relatives not that I know of so I concluded that he is not your father and I realized just now that he's looking for you desperately. Like you owe him a very big money or something. Anyways sorry for my rambling I can't help it so yeah"

"yeah I noticed thay your quite a rambler and don't mention it is nothing I should be thankful for you I also realized that your not really bad your nice but weird"

"I can't help it I don't want to be stuck in this office just to type and type I really want to be a prosecutor but that didn't happen"

"A prosecutor huh so that's why your looking at all of us weirdly it's because your judging us or your guessing what kind of people your working with because your still cannot move on for not being what you want so your using us as a practice because you want to widen your skill am I right?"

"wow! amazing! you want to be a prosecutor too right if that is so let's make our dream come true go with me and let us be friends forever alright"

"what the I'm just making my conclusions and you are delusional I don't want to be a prosecutor look at their robes it's like their in a f*cking choir or something"

"A .... choir?"

"Anyways thank you again and please do not tell others about this they are just going to sniff about what happened like a freaking dog so you stay quiet okay"

"Fine your honor geez I'm not a nosy person duh"

"I'm having a hard time believing that well if there is nothing else I'm gonna hung up now and don't bother to wait for me I'm going to work tomorrow bye"

"Wait! what the hell girl then you are going to bother me. I will mend up your freaking works that assigned to you your an a*s well whatever your gonna pay for this"

"I will when I come back so do your best good luck you can do it Prosecutor Gomez"

"oh I like that name hey! your saying that to distract me you fuc-"

What a weird girl hahaha. She is the one besides Mrs.Magenta who is talking to me in short what I considered true friends.

We are not safe anymore how that man knew where I'm working at. I did not think that he can still follow us here. I'm so dumb and carefree that I didn't remember that he can do everything just to get what he wants.

But I will also do everything to keep him away from us.



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