~Author's Note~

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Hey guys so I really can't go anywhere with this story. I have no inspiration. I have no fans. No one wants this story to continue. So I'm thinking I will just delete the story all togethor, I mean no one will miss it. 

If you do want me to continue, comment and vote. I honestly only am continueing this story because its my first story and I'd like to atleast finish it and say I finished my first story on here but if no one cares then why should I keep it on here?

So If you want me to keep the story then TELL ME! Vote and comment!! Those are like the easiest ways to tell me.

And well why not: I have writers block. I want to write a chapter on how Riley came into the family, like some backflashes. Write your own chapter. Label the Story: My C.M.B.L. and the chapter should be called simply Riley.

So Yeah and I'll most likely check back in a week or two so yeah.

Thanks to whoever really cares!

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