- Harry's POV -

The words had slipped out before I could even register what I was saying. The look on Charlie's face was filled with anger and maybe somewhere in there was sadness, but I wasn't sure.

"I-I need to go." Her voice faltered.

"Charlie, wait I-I didn't mean to say that. I didn't mean it-"

"I know you didn't. You never did and neither did I when I said it. I have to go" She said as she turned away from me. She looked broken.

"It was nice to meet you Adalee. Goodbye Alex" She gave them a weak smile before she slammed the door with so my force the walls shook.

Adalee looked at me, her eyes full of pity. "You shouldn't have said that."

"Really," I let out a frustrated sigh, running my fingers through my way too long hair. I really need a haircut.

"What are we going to do now? She doesn't believe us." Adalee asked me.

I met Adalee last winter. She was absolutely beautiful, which was my first thought when I saw her in that coffee shop. Long raven black hair, electric blue eyes which were framed with ridiculously long eyelashes. She was slim and tall, amazing legs too. I couldn't deny my attraction to her but that wasn't why we were sent to meet. She was suppose to help me get out of this mess. We were suppose to leave the country months ago, but I couldn't leave Charlie and Sydney.

"I don't know." I answered truthfully. "No fucking idea."

"We could just drug them. Drag them into the backseat of a car and drive off into the mountains." She suggested. She placed a hand on my shoulder, staring up at me with those damn eyes.

"Or we could just leave ourselves. That's an option." Alex's voice said behind me.

"You're not coming with us, we already talked about this."

"I'm apart of this, Harry. He made me do that stuff too. I have every right to get away." Alex dragged his feet as he came over to us. "I'm not being his fucking toy anymore."

"He will kill your family." I reminded him. He will kill both of our family's. It wasn't a threat, it was a promise.

"They'll come with us, like your family is." He said sternly.

"No," I shake my head. "That's too many people."

"I'm helping you with this shit so you have to help me!" He screamed.

"And I appreciate your help but that doesn't mean you or your family can come."

"I'm not even staying," Adalee said. "I'm just taking them to the safe house, then I'm leaving."

"Fuck you." He spat at us. "Why don't we just kill the bastard then!"

"We don't even know who the hell he is." I sighed. If I knew who he was, he would already be dead.

"He has to be someone we know. Why would he target us randomly?"

"It's not about targeting us, Alex. He needs people to do his dirty work for him." I shake my head. "He gets information, finds who we love, then threatens to kill them if we don't do what he wants."

"Why us though? Why?" His eyes start to gloss over.

"Because, he knows you can do it." Adalee said. "You have killed before, you are criminals. Harry is wrong. He does target you, but only because he knows you know how to kill and knows you will kill to keep the people you truly care about safe."

"It's not fucking fair." He whimpered, his head hanging down.

"Yeah." I agreed.

He was too young for this. Hardly an adult, being forced to kill, steal, hurt, destroy. This evil son of a bitch, who we simply call Bastard, is tearing our lives apart. I killed once before he reached out to me, well more like threatened me. He told me he knew who my daughter was, where she was, told me details about Charlie and her. Sent me pictures of them at the park, library, store, daycare. He promised me he wouldn't hesitate to kill them if I didn't do whatever he wanted me too. At first I thought it was a joke, but when he sent me a picture of Charlie sleeping I knew the bastard wasn't messing around. I tried to convince him I didn't give a shit her or Sydney, I told him I hadn't spoke to her since Sydney's birth and that she hated me for abandoning they when they needed me most. It was hard. To leave them. But it was only a week before Sydney was born when he sent me that picture of Charlie in her bed, with her swollen stomach.

From then on I did what he asked. He didn't ask for much often, but the when he did, they were terrible things that no normal person would ever even imagine doing. He wanted me to do things a specific way. He wanted pictures. He told me I could do whatever I wanted to them before I killed them but I did nothing. He wanted them to suffer, but he never told me what they did to him or why he wanted me to kill them. Only women too. Seven to be exact. He told me how to get away with it and gave me specific instructions so I wouldn't leave a trail. I never knew what happened with the cases, if they even looked for the murder. I suspect them to be cold cases by now. Except the most recent one.

Months ago is when Adalee introduced me to Alex who was doing the same things as I was. Adalee too, but the bastard didn't need her anymore. One day he just stopped asking her to kill, since then she has vowed help those who were being used by him. She told us how she had spent the last three years looking for him but never got close to finding him. I tried looking for him too but there was no use. It was almost as if he was just a voice, speaking commands when he needed something to be done then vanished.

"I think w-" Adalee's voice fell silent as the blood curtailing screams ripped through the building.



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