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A chorus of high pitched squeals echo through the room from outside the comfort of my usually quiet escape, where I can finally relax. Kind of.

Working at a coffee shop is stressful, but to me, it makes me feel normal. As if I'm just an ordinary girl with a normal job as a barista. But really, I'm struggling. It's hard to supply for my mum and I, barely scraping together enough money for 3 meals a day. I practically live off crappy lattes and stale banana bread.

The door opens as the entry bell rings. a customer already? It's only been 10 minutes since opening. I walk up to the door where a guy around my age slouches against the wall, obviously exhausted.

"Um, The waiting line is here." I point to the sign that reads 'wait here to be seated'.

The guy shrugs and takes off his hoodie, throwing it on the back of a chair.

"Make yourself at home." I mumble. The guy then meets eyes with me and I am struck by his beauty. Emerald eyes pierce through mine, and that olive skin, how the hell does he tan like that? His white t-shirt hugs his biceps perfectly and his brown hair is tousled with drops of rain dripping off the strands. A small bump is on his nose, as if it's been broken and not healed right, but it somehow works and makes him even more attractive. and god, his adam's apple and jawline-

"Dylan!!!" A girl screams, forcing the door open, nearly ripping it off its hinges like some kind of wild animal.
The guy sighs quietly and smiles at the girl before switching the open sign to closed.

"What are you-"
"Just fucking go with it." He hisses.

"The cafe is closed, sorry," I say confused as to why this random guy is demanding the cafe to close and has a bunch of screaming girls right outside.

"Oh... ok. But can I just have a photo with you?" She asks, before Dylan nods, turns around and smiles casually for her phone. I stare at them blankly, eyebrows furrowed, wondering what in the hell is happening. 

"Sorry about that." He says, an American accent evident in his voice. Then he walks around closing the blinds on all the large glass windows to block out the view of the crowd as the girl leaves, beaming. "I was just trying to go outside, but got fucking chased...again."
"I'm confused," I say, leaning on the cafe bench.

"Blair! Why the bloody hell is the cafe closed?!" Leah yells, storming through the swinging doors from the kitchen, a . "Oh. my. Nevermind, h-hi Dylan."
"Hey." Dylan looks at Leah as she blushes profusely.

"Ok someone tell me what the fucking hell is going on?!" I say annoyed. And why the hell is a 30 year old woman flirting with this, this... guy!

"Don't you know who this is?!" Leah says with her mouth wide open.

"It's Dylan. Dylan Wilson!" she waves her hands around. "They say he's a sex god." She whispers the last part but Dylan stifles a laugh, doing that hot tongue rolling thing that guys do. ( Y'all know what I mean. That shit is hot. )

"I know his bloody name." I sigh. "But why is there a bunch of girls chasi-Oh...." Dylan's eyes flick to mine. "You're famous?!"
"Yes!" Leah cuts him off before he can answer for himself. I roll my eyes.

"One sec." I say before running to the kitchen and grabbing my phone from my back pocket. I then search Dylan Wilson and a heap of articles and websites pop up. The guy that is literally 10 meters away. It says his parents are actors that have retired from their career, and he is an Instagram star. How the hell have I missed him if he's all over Instagram and the web?!

I click onto his profile and I realise the Dylan with 2 million followers is the Dylan in the cafe. What. the. Fuck.

"What's taking you so long?" A voice makes me jump from behind me and I shove my phone in my pocket.

"that guy looks a lot like me." I turn around to be face to face with Dylan, a smirk plastered on his perfect face.

"Because he is." I decide to act confident.

"I'm pretty hot aye?"

"More like cocky." I shrug and brush past him back to the front counter.

"So...Blair?" Dylan sits up onto the counter and reads my name tag.

"Mm?" I say trying to ignore the fact that this guy is famous and I'm here standing like an idiot in my work uniform.

"Why do you work here?"
"um what do you mean?" I say. Why do i work here? What the hell does that mean.

"You look almost too...good, to be a barista." He cocks his head to the side.

"This cafe is my home, would you ever be able to leave your own home?" I ask, raising a brow. How dare he ask me why this is my job? This guy is shallow as hell.

"I did leave my home." He sighs and jumps off the bench as if this conversation hadn't happened.

"So how's your family life then?" He says bitterly after a while of silence.

"long story." I reply, careful not to give too much away. Especially to this cocky, famous Instagram guy who cannot relate any less.

"I have all day ...actually I don't, but tell me anyway." He gives me a slight smile but tries to hide it.

"why am I talking to a stranger about this?"

"well why not?" Dylan says like it's obvious and I roll my eyes.
"well why?" I reply.

"it can't be that ba-" His phone starts ringing so he holds up his index finger indicating to wait and answers.

"Hello?" Dylan says, "fuck, I'm coming. Shh, you're breaking my eardrums. Oh, the service is down, I'll call you back." He lies smoothly and hangs up, shaking his head at whoever was on the phone.

"Sorry, that was my manager...I have to go, do you happen to have any sunglasses here? I kinda need a disguise." I chuckle and run behind the counter and shuffle around in search of some glasses. The only ones I find are mine.

I chuckle to myself as I hold them out to Dylan as he stares at me in plain annoyance.


so there's the first chapter of my new story!!!!

remember- this is not a sequel, its a whole new plot and story.

let me know if u like the story and feel free to comment, or correct me if there's any mistakes xx

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