Top secret tapes of Austin Barton

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This is a Top Secret recording for your ears only. As a fellow agent of S.H.E.I.L.D., what ever comes out of this tape must never leave this room. If you tell any body, I will hunt you down, which won't be hard since I know where you sleep at night. This is my life being changed over the course of the Avengers.

I had been recruited as a baby, no one knows how or when. All I can remember is being with my siblings, Clinton, Maria, and Phillip. I was only five and the youngest of the family, raised by the whole agency and the U.S. president's wife. We never really had the normal to parental units. 

I was always practicing my skills with a little toy bow, which had been fought over many a time with Clint, for a little over three years. That was a favorite of mine, since I could not handle my toy gun properly. By age seven I could shoot the eye out of a sparrow flying by. But of course, I never got the cool name. Being biological sister of Clinton, I couldn't be left behind at the adoption center; and he was always the favorite of the two of us.

One day I remember was when I was running to my "dad's" office, trying to figure out why I didn't have any special power, like the mythological gods and heroes like Thor or Odin or some ridiculous Greek myth person I can't remember the name of. Mr. Fury tried to explain how we as humans don't have powers, and you have to be a lab rat like Captian America or from a different world like Thor. Many a times I asked him "But can't you do things to me like what happened to Captain America?" Fury's answer was always no. 'We can't do that to you, it might hurt you, or ruin your beautiful face.' Every. Freakin'. Time. I never liked that answer.

My days of a child were numbered, and the numbers went way to fast for me. When the days fly by, it is hard to remember what interesting things had happened. Although I do remember one time, I and my brothers had a knock-down, drag-out fight about something stupid, like who got the creepy looking Russian spy target. Phil ended up with an arrow in his right arm and a black eye, Clint only with a pellet in his left shoulder, and I had both arrow and pellet in my left leg. We got into a lot of trouble that day. My brothers felt sorry for me; they gave me the target.

Many agents have been lost in my days as a child; to ridiculous things too. There were shootings in New York City, one at a convention the agency had and eight agents died that day, and two more later from bring severely wounded. 911 also happened in my time, with agents on the planes trying to stop it and agents on the ground trying to rescue people in the twin towers. Too many agents died in my time; too many friends. They were my family, maybe slightly bossy, or always working,but my family. No one could take that from me. Oh, I miss that child in me.. My family.. Where has the time gone?