Emotion Drunk

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A shitty chapter for a shitty idea that I had, but here she is in all of her weird glory :P

Tam pressed his lips together as he watched the Empath's face stretch into a grin.  Whoever had the idea of putting those stupid cuffs on him was going to get it.  He didn't care if he was also technically a captive of the Neverseen, this idea was just plain stupid.  Granted, plain stupid was working in the Blackswan's favor, but if the Neverseen wanted information out of the boy, this should not have been their first choice after realizing they couldn't preform a memory break.

Yeah, Keefe was an idiot, but he'd never reveal the new information about the Blackswan or - even more unlikely - himself.

"You're eyes so are pretty."  Keefe giggled as Tam glared at him.  He cracked up again before leaning in and whispering, "Dude, chill.  I'm - like - not even that bad.  I'm sooooooo sober.  I fwe' fine."

Tam sighed.  All he wanted to do was take those weird emotion cuffs off of the other, but if he did that they'd both be in for it and he did not want to incur the wrath of Gethen, thank you very much.

He rested his palm on his hand as he sat with his legs crossed.  "What's your favorite color?"

"Your eyes."

"That's not a color."

Keefe gave a lopsided smirk.  "P - swil - silver."

Tam raised an eyebrow.  Keefe was sat on the floor across from him while he was thankfully given a chair.

Keefe laughed with his mouth closed and not through his nose, collapsing backwards as Tam watched on in mild humor.  "So, like, did theye jus' fill these - with uh - with happy emots?"

Tam gave wide eyes and a fake smile as he nodded.  "They want you to spill beans."

The plan: Keefe spills the beans to Tam, Tam's memories get looked over by Gethen, the Neverseen win once and for all and Keefe's blood is used for whatever Lady Gisela wants it used for.  The end.

Keefe's mouth opened then closed again then reopened.  "But I have no beans."

"They want you to share all of your secrets."

"Once, I swa a bird fly into a window..." Keefe whispered the next part as though he were confessing a murder, "and then I walked away."

"Wow.  Anything on the Blackswan?"

"You were a member once, weren't you?  You're pretty.  Why aren't you there anymore - oh yeah! Because we're in a caaave...."

"Yes.  We aren't captives at all."

Keefe snickered.  "That'd be bad."

"Very bad."

Keefe tilted his head.  "Where's my imparter?"

"In a safe."  Tam wasn't lying.  It really was in a safe.

The Empath's mouth dropped.

"I know.  You miss it.  But it's okay."

"But I need to call my mommy, sir."

Tam snorted.  "Your mommy is here."

Keefe didn't say anything and instead began looking around.

"Whatcha' looking for?"  Tam questioned.  He uncrossed and then recrossed his legs.  His right one was falling asleep!

"Why's it so dark?  I don't like it."

The Shade rolled his eyes and flicked his wrist before the shadows retreated a bit.  "If I give you a puppet show will you tell me so-"

He was interrupted by the sound of the stone door unlocking.  Both boys turned towards the newfound entry way as Gethen pushed it open and peaked his head in.

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