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Doctors initially thought as impotence was mainly caused due to some psychological factors, including anxiety or depression. In fact, in most of the cases of erectile dysfunction are caused due to some physical illness. Psychological issues might lead to only one in ten cases of persistent impotence in men.

Physical erectile dysfunction takes place over a period of months or years and it is usually a gradual loss of function. In case penile erection still takes place spontaneously overnight or in the morning, the issue might be psychological which can be taken care of with Filagra medicine.

In case, you have an ongoing impotence issue, have it investigated by a doctor. While occasional impotence condition is normal, ongoing penile failure can be a symptom of some severe physical illness.

The doctor might fully investigate any ongoing problems so as to check for any underlying medical cause that shall also need appropriate treatment like Filagra. This shall also include heart and blood vessel diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Tests can also determine in the blood flow to the penis that is all affected. Blood tests might also help in determining hormone issues, which shall also include low testosterone that causes erectile dysfunction.

One man finds out if impotence has a physical or psychological cause, get proper course of treatment with Filagra.

Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

There are various treatments for relieving impotence issues in men. These might include:

· Changing in prescription medication if it is the cause

· Psychotherapy and counseling

· Oral medication (tablets) including Filagra composed of Sildenafil Citrate

· External vacuum penile pump devices help to create proper amount of blood flow

· Injections directly into the penile

· Penile prosthetic implants

· Hormone therapy (that is given rarely)

· Vascular surgery (rarely undertaken)

The first approach for treating some underlying cause is identified well. In case, no underlying cause is found, treatments might directly restore erectile function.

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