Meeting the characters

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Before we start this story let's introduce the main characters of this story.

Species: Anthropomorphic Rabbit
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Red
Fur color: gray
Likes: Food, music, hanging out with friends and silent days
Dislikes: Cooking, people lying and Zangetsu's trolls

Species: Anthropomorphic fox? (It's hard to describe what he is since I never decided on what he was)
Hair color: green
Eye color: Black
Fur color: Brown in the end of his hands and feet, lighter brown in the rest of his body and green in the end of his tail
Like: Trolling people, studying about paranormal stuff and cooking
Dislikes: Staying in one place for to long and his trolls not going like he wanted to go

Those are the main characters for now, I will be releasing the story very soon(Probably in one or two days after this)

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