LAL ch.11 p3

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Briana's POV

I opened my eyes and felt arms around me. I was being carried by someone.


"No, but I am your number two." Damon said. I shifted my head and looked up to see him smirking at me.

"Why am I with you?" I tried moving, but he held me in his arms.

"I took you after you fell to the ground. I was looking for you, Briana. I found you, but I wanted to make sure you were ok." He explained.

"I'm fine, now let me go. I need to go back to help Aaron and his sister." I looked back up at him. "I need to go back to see Dean."

"You fainted Bri and don't worry I left them by the road, not in the woods. You don't need to go back yet, but I'm not taking you Bri, I'm helping you."

"I want to go back to see Dean and Sam. I left them, I sacrificed myself and they need to know I'm ok." I said. I wanted to see Dean, I missed him and I didn't want him looking for me when I wasn't in danger.

"You will be fine with me Bri. I promise."

Dean's POV

I slammed my fist against a tree. I lost Bri, I let her get taken.

"Dean, it wasn't your fault. No one knew she was going to sacrifice herself. She's fine, she knows how to fight." Sam said.

"I know that Sam, but she can't get hurt, I promised myself I wouldn't let anything happen to her." I said. I looked ahead and saw the road.

"Who's that?" Sam asked. I saw two people on the side of the road. We ran towards them. We got out of the woods and walked over to them.

"Hi. Have you seen a girl around sixteen?" Sam asked. The guy looked at us and held the girl to him.

"Yes, she helped us out of the woods. She fainted when we got out, but a guy was there to take care of her, I think his name was Damon." He said. I ground my teeth together and my fists got tighter.

"Thank you." Sam said. He turned to me and we walked along the road.

"Dean, he has her so at least we know she's safe. I'll call Elena and we can find out where he is."

"I'm going to kill that bastard." Sam looked worried, but he walked ahead to our room. I followed him as he talked to Elena.

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