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AN// and here i am with part 4 of mommy//g.d :) there's gonna be ONE more for this lil series, but im putting up some effin ones first <3 i miss writing bout my lane ;)

(y/n pov)

"C'mon, angel, let go," You said as you tried to pull the ring Grayson had gotten you from her hands. She clutched it in her fist, not letting go. "June," You said with a sigh, your make up now half done and dress hanging off your shoulder.

"Mommy's ring," She stated. You nodded, reaching a finger into her fist, trying to pull it away from her. "I keep mommy's ring safe," She said.

"Mommy wants to wear it today," You said to her, following back into your chair. June frowned at you. "Mommy had to put her bracelet and necklace and ring and make up for the party, remember?" You asked. Her eyes widened as she looked back at the closet, where her dress was hanging.

"Party!" She said, fists unclenching and going up in excitement. You smiled, catching the ring before it fell and slipping it onto your finger. "Daddy come?" She asked. You shook your head.

"Daddy'll come at the end, this one's just for girls," You said to her, picking your eyelash curler up. June watched in awe as you curled your lashes. She giggled as the door was knocked on. "Yes?" You asked, smiling at June.

"You girls ready?" Grayson asked from the other side. June giggled as you put her down on the floor from the dresser that had become yours. She ran to the bedroom door, opening it for Grayson. He smiled down at her, picking her up. "Someone's not even dressed," He said. June giggled as he dropped her onto the bed, making her bounce.

"Help me," You said. Grayson turned to see you lifting your perfectly curled hair out of the way. He walked over and zipped your dress up, kissing your shoulder before walking back to June. "Can you dress her?" You asked before going to your mascara, finishing your lashes.

"Which one is it?" Grayson asked, turning towards the closet. He stared at the dress, looking identical to him, but one was for the wedding, and the other for today. You smiled as you pointed to the right. "Pink bow?" He asked, picking it up with the hanger. You nodded, carefully coating your lashes as Juen watched you through the mirror.

"Green's the wedding color, remember?" You asked, referring to the bow on the other dress. He nodded, slipping the dress off the little hanger. "And, her earrings, babe, you have to change them," You reminded him. Grayson nodded, sitting on the bed, large fingers, struggling to pull down the zipper of June's dress.

"C'mere princess," Grayson said as he finally zipped it open. She walked over to him and he pulled off her pajamas, pulling the little dress over her head. "Arms up, angel," You heard him say. You smiled and closed the mascara, tossing it in your make up bag as Grayson zipped her dress up.

"Tights?" You asked as June stood on the bed, dress on over her pajama bottoms. Grayson chuckled as he grabbed her white tights, helping her into them as she giggled at the feeling. "And we're ready," You said, standing up, fixing your dress, jewelry on and makeup done. Grayson shook his head, walking over to your dresser, rummaging through the drawers.

"Her earrings?" He asked. You nodded as you looked back at June, now playing with the tights, finding them itchy.

"Mommy!" She yelled. You raised your eyebrows, checking your hair for the last time. June pointed to her face. "Makeup?" She asked. You laughed out loud and Grayson frowned as he continued to look for the pair of earrings Lisa had gotten her months ago.

"Let's do it," You said, picking up a clean brush and a random eyeshadow pallet. June giggled as Grayson turned to you.

"Babe-" He started, about to protest. You shook your head and sat next to her on the bed. He sighed and went back to the drawers,

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