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"Just- not yet."
Oliver snuffed, Burying his chin into the brown locks of smoothe hair.
"Oli... I'll only be gone a day, we'll be home by night."

But the older man didn't want to part from his lover, he didn't even want to be a foot away from him, let alone have him be across town! Right where he couldn't touch him and hug him, and ravish him!

"Please try and hurry back... the class surely won't take that long?"

The boyhood laughed as Oliver kissed down his neck, feeling him for the last time that morning.

"Why are you being so clingy...?"

"Because maybe I don't want to see you go off to another town with a boy I don't know!"

Elio sighed, smiling slightly at the possessiveness...  he couldn't help but chase Oliver's lips.
"Okay, how about... I call you before and after the class? When I'm on my way home?"

The older man just reluctantly nodded, not quite ready to let go of the boy. He held his hips into place, ravishing his neck with each hot and heavy kiss.
"L'amour..." he sighed, hands coming up to tangle in the hair of his lover.

"A little longer..."

"We're in public, Oliver."
Oliver sighed, nodding with a sad tone.
"Okay. I'll go before I buy a train ticket."

Eli laughed softly, pecking his lips once, and coming loose from Oliver's purchase.
"See you soon, peach."
The older man groaned and watched his boy walk over to his friend, sparing him one last loving look.

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