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Lana couldn't find a word to say. 

After saying goodbye to Keisha, they were on their own. She could just feel the tension between them because he had to be still obviously angry at her for leaving without telling him.

"So how are you?" 

The question halted her walk and she turned around slowly. She thought she'd see him avoiding her eyes like he usually did before but this time he held her eye contact. She missed seeing his attention on her. Good or bad, it didn't matter to her. 


She didn't know what to say. Was she OK? She was still trying to process what had happened in these months without him. What she learned from Hannah in that coven. They both stood there looking at each other like that'll answer their question.

"I'm not OK, that's sure. But I'll be fine. Now let's just find something." She can't help but avoid looking at him. What happened to them? They used to at least talk without this awkwardness between them. Yeah, insults and playful cusses were thrown around a lot but this...she didn't like this wall between them. Glancing at him again she noticed that he was battling with himself for some reason.

"OK...but after that you're telling me why you ran away from my house without telling me." He looked at her with concern and she nodded, wanting to start walking already. But could she really trust him again? He had helped her before that's for sure. But that time his sister was in line but this time? Why he'd want to risk his life for someone like her who he'd have to kill eventually?

"Are you alright? We can stop and take a breath if you like?" Out of nowhere he stopped and turned towards her.

"No, it's fine. The faster we can find something the better." She was already walking ahead when she was stopped by a hand on her arm.

"Can we talk?" Danny asked quietly and she nodded. She was afraid to look at him. To see the disappointment in his eyes. He told her to stay. He begged her.

She didn't listen...

"Lana, what happened to you?" The intensity of his question left her more damaged than she ever thought.

What happened to her?

"You were a wild girl. Even in the asylum, you didn't take crap from anyone. You yelled, screamed but won't say a word. Hell, you can't even look at me!" He gripped her chin and made her look at his eyes. "I begged you not to give up on me but you did. By running, you proved to me that there wasn't something between us when that's not true. I see the way you look at me. I'm not blind."

"There wasn't an us," With one sentence she ruined everything. Her eyes widened hearing her own voice and right that moment she did a mistake to look at Danny.

His stare intensified but the hope in his eyes completely died. His eyes were empty like she saw hers in the mirror for the past couple of months. She hated it. She hated to see him like this. But then again, they could never work.


"Stop." He cut her off with a cold tone. She would never forget the look he gave her. "Please just stop. I understand. Once we escape whatever this place is, I'll leave you alone for good."

With that, he started to walk ahead without waiting for her to catch up. She also joined him but the cold tone in his voice haunted her all the way she followed him. Did he recognize the despair in her voice? Did he understand that she wanted to be with him badly but couldn't?

She didn't think so.

"How many people you think is working for the bad guy?"

Lana had to stumble twice to reach Danny. Even then she couldn't answer him with accuracy. "I was taken into a dark room since I was kidnapped. I never saw how many worked for Sage."

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