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Bakugo Katsuki Pov

I hear a door bell and let out an annoyed sigh. Whats up with people and them coming over to our house every fucking sunday Can't  they stay in their own damn house?! I mentally nag and go back to playing the zombie shooting game on my phone. I hear the old hag open the door and immediately  squeaking happily. I raise an eyebrow but continue killing all the zombies and hear the old hag talk loudly as her excitment was very much visible from how loud she was being Who the fuck can It fucking be? I think to myself and then I hear old hag calling for me "Hey katsuki" She calls out and I don't  reply. "KATSUKI GET DOWN HERE YOU JERK" She yells suddenly. This made me flinch and my phone fell on my face " UGHH I AM FUCKING COMING OLD HAG FUCK" I yell back It better not be some old fuck that would smooch my cheeks or I SWEAR TO GOD.

I make my way  down the stairs and Instantly  notice the green headed woman sitting near old hag. Old hag smiles my way as The green headed woman  gets up from her couch and walks towards me "Oh my god Katsuki! You have grown to be such a handsome man" She exclaimed as I give her a small smile. I just didn't  knew what to think. Inko Midoriya It's been how many years since we last met- 11- WAIT

My eyes Quickly  darted to the spot on couch behind from where Inko was sitting and there he- SHE!? SHE WAS? My jaw dropped. Her hair was long and beautiful, her big eyes with beautiful big eyelashes, her beautiful Pink lips and not just that her whole body was Feminine.

"Like what you see Katsuki?" My mother says nudging me with her elbow. The young Female was looking my way as my expression twist in confusion and a blush appears on my cheek "I THOUGHT IZUKU WAS A GUY WHAT THE FUCK" I yell as my mother laughes loudly along with Inko and Izuku "Well her hair was relatively quite short, She had no chest and well...Izuku was an All might fangirl and the only clothes available that were All might themed were boy clothes back then" Inko explained.

I blink and let out a growl "WHATEVER UGH" I say and start walking away "W-wait Kaachan" A feminine soft voice stops me. I turn around and glare at her and she backs away instantly seeing my unfriendly face "fuck off deku" I mumble glaring daggers at her and make my way back to my room. It didn't matter Izuku was still a fucking Deku. Even if He's  a she, she still is the same pathetic deku. I smirk at my thoughts that's  right.

Izuku Midoriya Pov

I greeted auntie who was basically praising me for what a woman I have become and joked about  how I should marry her "idiot" of a son. I just laugh it out. Honestly I don't  know why I felt weirdly  nervous. There's  no way Kaachan is the same right? He must've  changed Like I did! I try to calm myself  down and then I see Kacchan coming down the stairs. My mother went up and greeted him and He suddenly looks at me and His jaw drops. Have I changed that much? A sudden blush creeps on my face.

"I THOUGHT IZUKU WAS A GUY WHAT THE FUCK" He yells in suprise and I couldn't  help but start laughing somewhat  relieved. His mother teases him causing him to get flustered  and I tilt my head slightly as He yells his answer to her and tries  to leave. I want to talk to him "W-wait Kacchan!" I say but he gives me such cold expression that I back away instantly. "Fuck off Deku"  He's the same Kacchan I think as I watch him leave.

I hear Mitsuki yell at him for being rude but he never bothered turning around or apologizing.

Mitsuki apologizes on his behalf and scolds him for being a brat. And then her and my mom kept chit chatting. I let out a short sigh but try to cheer up and smile at them both, trying to forget what just happened between  me and Kacchan.

The interaction between me and him was for short amount of time and from the interaction it was safe to conclude that it would be best for me to just have my seperate ways from Kacchan. I think.

Mitsuki soon brings snacks. Her smile was beams on her face and she gives me a glance and says "Oh wait" she says and goes upstairs and opens the door to the room Bakugo just went it.

A second  of silence and then yelling. Both Bakugo and Mistuki yelling at eachother and I look over to my mother who was already looking  at me and smiling "Guess somethings never change huh?" Mom says and I chuckle and smile. "FINE I AM FUCKING COMING OLD HAG UGHHHH" Bakugo yells and gets out  of his room and angrily makes his way down the stairs as Mitsuki follows him. Bakugo sits on the individual  sofa  near me and Mitsuki sits near My mother and they start chatting up.

The silent was suffocating. After how Kacchan acted I didn't wanted to intiate the talk knowing He would probably just yell at me again or tell me to go away. Why did he hate me so much? What did I ever do?

I started eating the cream roll auntie had made and Kacchan silently ate his own things when Mitsuki glared at him and smiled at me and decided to ask me questions to lighten up my mood or to distract me from her son's behaviour.

"Why Izuku Are you dating anyone? Any hotties?" She asks and winks.

I let out a chuckle "Oh no Auntie- I am not interested and there has been no one I ever liked to be honest" I speak and mumble the last part.

Kacchan's eyes dart towards me and Mitsuki as he rolls his eyes away. Mitsuki smirks "Well Katsuki here is a dumbass and no one wants to date him because of his attitude heh" Kacchan instantly change his calm expression to anger "SHUT THE HELL UP OLD HAG I DON'T WANT TO DATE AND ACT ALL SHITTY THAT CRAP IS DISGUSTING" He yells and Mitsuki glares at him "YOU DISRESPECTFUL FUCK MAYBE IF YOU HAD A BETTER ATTITUDE YOU'D HAVE A GIRLFRIEND TOO" She says as Mom look at both of them and sigh and let out a chuckle. "Come on Mitsuki, Katsuki is a handsome young man and I am sure someone must be out there that will melt him" mom says "Ugh Inko I hope whoever she is, she comes on quick at take this Dog away" She says and frowns.

"HUH? DID YOU CALL ME A DOG?" He Yells as I let out a chuckle I didn't realize I was holding "I mean you do resemble an adorable Pomeranian, Kacchan" I say and realize what I say and rememeber his behaviour and get silent and start looking down instantly "shut thE HELL UP DAMN DEKU" He says and gets up growling and goes to his room upstairs.

And shortly after me and mom leave. My house was right in front of Kacchan. It was my childhood house, since we did own it and Had put it on rent while we were gone It did needed some repairing but not that much. The nostalgia was strong and I smile as The door open and I enter the house and breath deeply.

"It felt so good talking to Mitsuki" My mom said. "Yea Auntie hasn't changed at all" I say as I smile at mom and sit next to Mom on the couch and snuggle to her side feeling so peaceful. My mom smiles and runs her finger through my hair. I just loved my mother so much. She was my bestfriend, mother and everything of course Dad was amazing as well but My most time was spend with mom as Dad was mostly at work or asleep. But when It came to sports me and my dad were freaks. Not to mention, we both were incredibly mischievous together. Overall I love my family.

I soon get up and go upstairs to my room. Kacchan's room window was right infront of my window. I glance at his window "I wonder what I ever did for him to hate me" I say to myself and let out a sigh and start putting my books in my bag as It was my first day tomorrow at my dream highschool U.A.

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