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1- last song you listened to?-feel special by twice :))

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1- last song you listened to?
-feel special by twice :))

2- crush?
-don't have one :))

3- describe yourself.
-well, i'm really quiet but i talk to my friends if i want to. and also, i'm someone who enjoys alone time.

4- what type of boyfriend/girlfriend are you?
-if i were to be your gf, you'd definitely be getting a lot of hugs.

-skinship is a must.

-i'd hold hands w you anytime and anywhere, i like holding hands lol.

-good morning/goodnight texts all the time.

-i'm someone who doesn't talk a lot, but i'd listen to all your problems and teas whenever you want.

5- kinks?
-i like the thought of choking and handcuffing- also, daddy kinks-

6- ex?
-don't have one lol.

7- 3 facts about you?
-um, i space out a lot during math lessons but still end up getting the questions right.

-there are high school and middle school girls in my school which was supposed to be a middle school only. (guess which year i'm in)z

-i think i'm depressed.

8- your dream last night?
-to be honest i didn't have a dream lmao.

9- single?

10- anything to say?
-to those who are reading this, i hope you're having a good day and please don't stress out on school work if you have any. don't forget to stay healthy and get plenty of sleep. also, please don't overthink about negative things.

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