New Dangerous servamps ( by me )

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Okay.Um, so i will be telling u some new servamps that was created by me before we start the story.

Icy ( female )
The Servamp of ice, shes Nightmare and Akuma's little sister, she can create anything with massive ice, she has some inner anger in him and she hates all of the C3 memebers because they sealed her with his brothers for 1000 years

Akuma ( male )
The Servamp of fear, with the power of fear, he can make alot of people seeing their deepest fear and make them kill their self, weapon is Scythe, just like Snow lily, but haft power as tsubaki's, very dangerous so he , Icy and Nightmare was sealed them by all of the C3 Memebers, so he hates them too

Nightmare ( male )
The Servamps of Nightmare, he was part wolf demon and part nightmare dna, rages Easily as someone hurt his little sis or his brother, he can corrupt people or possess people with his nightmare power, but the people he possessed they all die because of nightmare drained their soul alive, if their lucky they will be alive but drained power

Pandora ( female )
The Servamps of Illusion, who wanted to destroy all of the humanity, she was haft Hell demon, Weapon is Illusion Spear and Illusion gun, rude much, makes scary face ( like the picture down below ) went in a fight

Thats all, hope u enjoy reading my book .w.


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