The mornings are better with you

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The smaller man moved shifted, causing the taller to awake. He looked down and was met with Alex's huge eyes looking up at him. John always got lost in his eyes, his weren't like others. In the sun his eyes almost looked violet, it was astonishing to say the least. Alexander rolled off the blonde man and fell on the floor. John chuckled and moved over the edge to check on the auburn haired boy. " 'Lex you okay?" He said, barely containing another laugh. Alexander rolled his eyes jokingly. "No actually, I've broken every bone in my body. I need you to carry me everywhere" he said, smirking. "Can do" John replied and kissed him on the nose.

Alex's face was painted red as he looked at John. They were locked in a moment, it was just them, there, alone. John moved closer to Alex, there lips centimetres apart. They stared into each others eyes, finding comfort in them.

John closed the gap and pressed his lips against Alex's. Alexanders lips were soft, a good contrast to johns slightly rough lips. He wrapped his arms around johns neck pulling himself up. He was now seated in johns lap, furthering the intensity of the kiss.

Without warning or any indication, Lafayette burst in. Alex immediately fell out of johns lap, now on the floor. "Mes amis? What are you doing?" He said, looking very uncomfortable. "Me and John were having a staring contest" He lied, laughing nervously . John had his gaze locked on the floor, not daring to look Laf in the eyes. "Uhm- well breakfast starts soon.... I'll see you guys there" and with that he left. Not daring to come back. " God damnit we almost got caught" John said angrily. He got up and crossed his arms. "John it's fine. He's our friend, we can trust him. Plus he didn't really see us kiss, he just saw me fall on the floor." He said, trying to reassure him. I got up and stood in front of him, my hand resting on his collar bone.

He wasn't taking any of it. "No Alex! What if it wasn't Laf. What if it was lee, George Washington or any other fucking soldier! We would have been exposed. We could have been fucking stoned or imprisoned. Alex I love you but do you understand that we have to be more secretive about this!?" He yelled.

Alex's POV
He took a step back from me . He was scary when he was angry. "I- I'm sorry. I'll try better" I said, my voice shaking. ' It hurts- he just yelled at me. God dammit. I know it's stupid.... but like it hurts. I feel like I disappointed him. And that's bad. I promised myself that I would never disappoint anyone. "God I just- I fucking can't right now. He suddenly walked out of our tent, our shoulders brushing against each other. Jesus- He is really over-reacting.

I decided to just skip break fast and go on a walk. Nobody would really notice right? Not John anyways.

I skipped through the nearby forest, it was peaceful at this time in the morning. The birds chirping. The sound of a nearby lake, the soft pitter patter of feet- Wait feet. I turned around, looking for any small animal that could have made that noise. Nothing. No animal in sight. Must have been imaging things.

Suddenly, I was grabbed, hands tightly wrapped around my body, keeping me still. "Wha?" I said dumbfoundedly. Without being warned, something hard smacked against my head causing me to whimper out in pain. That's the last thing I remember before black filled my vision.

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