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renjun was excited to move into his dorm. this was just proof that he got excepted for the prestigious school, and he couldn't believe that he was one of the ten picked out of thousands.

when he thinks about it excited was an understatement. he was beyond thrilled at the fact that he was going to a school where he could pursue what he loved, music. and he would easily have access to resources to help his transition into college. and if he's lucky enough he may score another scholarship.

but then he finals out he's rooming with two others from the rap class. two attractive others. renjun almost finds himself having feelings for these perfect strangers. or at least until he gets to know them.

and know the only thing he's sure of is that life's about to go downhill real quick. this may or may not have been proven with a midnight voicemail from his mom. and now there's no way he'll be able to stop everything from collapsing around him. unless he finds some sort of peace in this chaos.

and maybe jeno and jaemin can actually help.

happy medium

happy mediumnorenmin

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