Another... KIBA!!!!

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I have... A lot of requests... I just have to say one thing... Wow you guys like kiba.... This ones gonna be focused on.... Mating season.... Lol it was requested my little painions... Omj is that what I should call you... Comment painions!!!! Share your opinions... Should I call you all my painions? Your choice... Now to the infomercial... Lol...:

NAME: Kaya Uzumaki

PERSONALITY: she's like a cute shy little puppy dog, shy, adorable(yes that is a trait...) But is not afraid to speak her mind about what she thinks is right

APPEARANCE: Waist long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, wears a white blouse with a green tie and a schoolgirl type skirt that's also green, white thigh high socks and black flats


CRUSH: kiba...(obviously)

******Painions... To ze lemon!******

"Naruto~" I yell "get off of me!"

"Not until you fess up about who you're meeting with, cuz' big bro needs ta know!" He insists starting to tickle me

"No.... Please.... Stop.... I surrender!" I gasp in between laughs as he stops I sigh "I'm going to go and see... My boyfriend... K-" he cuts me off "omfg you have a boyfriend?!? How come I didn't know!?!" (A/N yes he said omfg, deal with it)

"Because-" I groan being interrupted once again by the doorbell. My eyes widen "No! Naruto don't open i-" I sigh standing up and dusting myself off as Naruto opens the door then as soon as he sees Kiba he falls twitching... "I warned you.." I say flinging him on the couch.

"Kiba!!!" I yell running up and hugging him "what is it!!! What is it!!!" I ask loudly. He said he had a present for me...

"Okay, okay" he laughs pulling out a small rectangle box giving it to me. Its a white box with a red lid and a light blue ribbon is tied up in a pretty bow... My eyes sparkle as I slowly pull an end of the ribbon and opened the box seeing the most beautiful thing I could ever lay my eyes on. A necklace... It was pure silver with little swirly designs on it and a Uzumaki symbol untangled with the Inuzuka symbol hanging off of it.

I smile "I love you kiba... It's beautiful..." I say looking at kiba with hearts in my eyes after putting it on, he's leaned against the doorway with a smirk on but is sweaty and has something different then love is in his eyes (A/N that's lust baby LUST!!!) I reach my hand to his forehead to feel for a fever but he pulled away and started walking outside and Running his hand through his hair "... Let's go" he said making me instantly wet down there because of how deep and rough his voice is.

I follow him closely and watch him carefully before coming to a realization and blushed... 'If he's a dog and its mating season which is why no one in his house is home and he's bringing me there to-' I couldn't even finish that thought I covered my face with my hair letting out a little squeak walked into his house behind him, I decide to play clueless and ask "why are we here?"

"Because I can't handle another mating season alone in my bed masterbaiting (sp?)" He replied as I blushed harder "so what are we gonna do?" I continue being clueless looking around trying to get my blush to fade away but to no avail...

"Oh... I think you've figured out that" he says hunched over the couch "OK... Maybe I have, but are you OK?" I walk over to him and tap his shoulder making him swing around and walk towards me, I back up "I'll be OK when I have your tiny little body underneath mine while I pound into you" he growls. Damn you kiba! You're making me horny too!

He picks me up and carries me into his bedroom throwing me onto his bed. I squeak once again as he climbs on top of me "you're okay with this... Right" he breathed

I nod and he smirks leaning in to kiss me, I kiss back wrapping my arms around his neck as he starts taking off his shirt,only breaking the kiss for a moment to get it off fully I take off my blouse and tie throwing them somewhere in the room as he moves his rough kisses to my neck area finding my soft spot easily and started sucking all around it groaping my almost bcup boobs.

After he was sure that he left a dark hickey, he growled at how dressed we were and got off, striping himself down until there was nothing else left. I examined his body carefully blushing when I noticed his erect penis. He smirked pulling me off the bed unclipping my bra as he did so, making me get down on my knees. He sat on the bed and it was obvious what he wanted... I never did this before, but its worth a shot... I held it by the base and slowly licked the new tip, looking at him to know if I'm doing OK. I put the tip in my mouth and it was already touching the back of my throat... I tried going deeper but could only get half of it down before I decided on sucking the tip while my hands did the rest.

I continued this till he came. A liquid shot directly down my throat... It sort of tickled but I swallowed it all and licked up all of the remains.

He then made us go back to position one, and we were making out again... Of course, he already stripped me down and was about to put it in. He didn't stop kissing me as he pushed in. My eyes widened a fraction, I screamed out breaking the kiss and dug my nails into his back, "k-kiba" I whined "it... It hurts" I said as he nodded and wiggled it around a bit "soon, it'll feel better soon..." He bit his lip in attempt to hide a groan.

I stayed like that for a bit longer before the pain slowly died down and slowly was built up with pleasure... I wrap my legs around kiba's waist to let him know. He nods smiling and pulls out, then pushes in before smirking and starts humping fast and deep. I let out a big moan as I attempt to move with him but notice hes going to fast for me to keep up and give in to the ecstasy my mind going blank the only thing I was able to think was 'in and out, in and out '

"Ah... Kiba..." I say feeling a knot in my stomach "I'm gun- ah!" I cut myself off and moan loudly as he hits a certain spot "I know" he groans going faster and deeper hitting that one spot every time...

"Mmmmmmm!!!" We moan together, me biting my lip so hard it bleeds as he shot his seed inside of me... The feeling of our cum mixing and the warm fluid leaking out of me. Kiba collapses beside me, giving me a kiss on the cheek "I love you" he says. Me in too much worriedness "am I going to get pregnet?" I ask as he chuckles "if you do I'll love both of you" he throws the blanket over us, wrapping his arms around me. Our bodies pressed against eachother.

"Erm... Kiba.... Your horny again aren't you" I say feeling his boner rubbing against my pussy "mmhmm" he nods. I smirk "then what're you waiting for!" I say


OK... Done, both the random pressing of buttons and the lemon... Again comment on what you think if me calling you guys my little painions!!!

_*Pain out*_

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