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Subject: Welcome to Mixr!

Hey Mixr Member!

We know the dating world is a bit different today compared to what it was ten or twenty years ago. Heck, even five years ago single millennials would rather meet someone the old-fashioned way, but things have changed. 40% of Americans now utilize dating apps to find companionship, but we here at Mixr recognize not everyone is looking for the same thing. Whether it's one night, a season, or a lifetime, we want everyone to find exactly what they're looking for.

That's why we have each member fill out a matchmaking questionnaire before entering our app! In doing so, you're automatically eliminating the pool of people who don't want the same thing out of a relationship as you do, which means better odds at finding the one you're truly meant to be with. Just click this link to fill it out and complete your profile.

But that's not all!

You have also been invited to join Manhattan's monthly Mixr event on December 1st! It will be held at 7pm and the location will be sent to you after you've officially RSVP'd. Don't miss out on your chance to sit down with others navigating Manhattan's tricky single scene who could truly be compatible with you!

RSVP by filling out your questionnaire, setting up your online profile, and then replying to this email.

We can't wait to join you on your path to finding what you're truly looking for!

All the best,

The Mixr Team

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