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Blessing y'all with a double upload today because my not shit having ass fell asleep last night without posting. Enjoy! xoxo


I awoke to the feeling of something buzzing somewhere near my head

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I awoke to the feeling of something buzzing somewhere near my head.

I already had one arm firmly around Alex's waist as I held him close to me, so I used my other arm to search for my phone. As soon as I managed to find the device and answer the call, I almost immediately regretted it.

"Christian." Brad spoke into the line.

"What." I mumbled back.

"You were supposed to transfer the files back to me last night. What the hell happened?"

I glanced at the clock on the night stand. It was six in the morning.

"I got busy." I replied, sitting up. At first I thought I might have woken Alex when he turned around, but he just nestled his body into my lap. He looked so peaceful sleeping, I couldn't help but run my hands delicately through his hair.

These were probably going to be his last few hours of peace before that hangover kicked in full force.

"Well now that you're not "busy" I'm going to need you to run me those files this morning." Brad cut in, breaking up whatever peaceful moment I was having.

"Can't we do this is a few hours?" I pleaded, but I already knew Brad's answer to that.

"Get up and get me those files before mother starts asking for them."


I did my best to tuck Alex back in when I got out of bed. He stirred from the loss of contact, but managed to hold on to a pillow as a substitute to myself. His eyes were still as irritated and puffy as they were last night when I found him. Clearly he had been crying, and much to my dismay, I wasn't sure why.

But I was sure as hell going to find out.

There was a pen and pad located on the night stand, and I scribbled out a note to Alex...

I went to the business center downstairs to take care of some work. I'll most likely return before you wake up, but on the off chance I don't, try your best not to puke on the bed.

I set the note besides him, on my ready made side of the bed. Odds were that he probably wasn't going to see it, but at least I had left him something.

Because today was technically our one free day, I opted for faded jeans and a sweatshirt, and it felt good wearing something casual. Every movement I made, I tried to do quietly in hopes I wouldn't wake him. Nothing sounded more tempting then to get back into bed with Alex and tell Brad to fuck off, but unfortunately, Brad seemed just about ready to kill me.

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