Just Friends

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I'm a bit confused
I don't know why I'm starting to like you
We're just friends that's what I tell myself
But lately I haven't been able to believe it

And you know where my heart really is
That it's still stuck on her
But why do I want to call you mine
Though my love lyes with her

Is it because I know you're taken
That you're unattainable
I'm beginning to believe that
I have a thing for girls that I can't have

Maybe if I told you
Then we can put an end to this
But I don't want to
I like what we have
Does it really have to end

I already know the answer
Think that you know it too
We're growing to close
But I don't want to let this go

Maybe I should leave you alone
Back off a bit
Maybe I just like you cause
You're the one who helped me through all of it

I poured my heart to you
About the girl of my dreams
And you listened and figured out
That I loved her deeply

That's when I found out
That you had a girlfriend
But it was also when I learned
That I'd like to be more than friend

Maybe if I wasn't so hung up
We would've been something more
But instead we're just friends
Will we ever be anything more?

Sometimes I wish
We met at a different time
But if we met then
I still would've been just as blind

So I'll continue to pine over her
As you hold your girl close
Because being just friends
It's all we'll ever know.


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