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Screenplay Key/Legend

To those of you that have never read a screenplay before, you might find the following definitions useful :)

EXT. — Exterior

INT. — Interior

I/E. Interior and Exterior

O.S. — Over Shot, meaning we hear a person's voice over the scene without changing camera direction, also used for dramatic effect, or to indicate a voice interrupting that will soon introduce, or reintroduce, a character

Parenthetical — any action description within a character's dialogue, including: short descriptions of a character's actions themselves; character they are speaking to when more than one; referring to an object or subject; or even a "(beat)"

(beat) — a pause in a person's dialogue, usually for dramatic effect (used for the actor/actress reading the script)

(CONT'D) — continued dialogue of a character without interruption or answer from another character, whether that be an actual answer or simply a gesture in response

FADE IN:, CUT TO; FADE TO; etc. — camera directions/transitions from scene to scene, used interchangeably depending on the desired effect

Number next to character name — the character's age. Character description is kept to a minimal within a script, mainly so the director can be the one (or casting director) to imagine who he/she would want for the role, or in this case, you—the reader :). Also note that the character's name is always in ALL CAPS when first introduced to the story

INSERT: — meant to draw focus to a particular object, usually meaning a close up (CU), to signify the importance of the object or subject being focused on, whether for the current scene, or for impact in a later scene

SUPER: — words superimposed on the screen, usually a date or location

If I have forgotten anything, please feel free to ask questions as you read along!

A word from the author:

Hello readers! And thank you for taking a look! I hope you that you will enjoy this ghostly tale! I certainly enjoyed writing it!!

I will be posting a new scene every Tuesday and Friday—starting today! I do not have as much key art for this one—assuming you read COFFEE: A HITMAN STORY—just the poster, so I will instead be posting scenes twice a week! Some scenes can be very short, so I may post an extra day as well, here and there 😉

Thank you again for taking a look at my story. Please vote if you feel compelled, and comment—feedback always welcome! Otherwise I just hope you stick around till the shocking conclusion!

J.G. Blodgett

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