Chapter 2

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That night, Dean can't sleep. He just keeps thinking of that man, the first real face he's every connected to his enemy — the FBI. He must admit, he didn't expect it to be such a pretty face.

During his long bus ride to his next destination, he does a lot of thinking. He doesn't have many options. He isn't letting them catch him. He isn't giving them a chance. He's not sure how they found him, but if they did before, they can again. The only way to stay safe is to stay low. No murdering for another week or so, just to be safe.

Once again, Dean grabs a copy of the local newspaper. The article is hidden in the middle this time, but he still gets the screen time he deserves. He doesn't read the article until he's found a nice comfortable park bench to sit on, so he can really bask in the glory.

What he gathers is the press know very little other than the bodies were still warm when they got there, the one detail Dean was hoping they would leave out. He really doesn't need people to know he got sloppy. There's a reason he always has one kill per city, and that would be it.

And maybe he should rethink killing people in crowded neighborhoods. Apparently, the neighbors heard the screams, and with the feds in the area, it was easy to track it down.

This is the nice thing about murder. Five years and he still leans something new every time.

Still, there's no mention of who was at the crime scene, and that would be Dean's biggest question. It looks like it's time to hit up the local library.


Castiel Novak.

No fucking way.

Dean didn't even know the head of the FBI had a brother, and he sure as hell didn't think they would put him in charge of this case. One would think that a high profile case such as himself would have an agent on it chosen for ability, not relationships with superiors.

Except, Dean slowly realizes, this Castiel has been on his case since the beginning. In fact, that all he can find on him. Castiel's been following him since the first few murder victims, long before Michael picked up his position. And a soon after Michael got the promotion, Castiel's name seemed to disappear. It's almost as if they don't want anyone to know it's him on the case, though whether that's due to Michael's position or Castiel's, Dean has no way of knowing.

What he does know, though, is those photos of Castiel three of four years ago look just as good as he did the day before.

Hot damn.

And he can use this. They tried to wipe Castiel's name and face from the books. Maybe it's time for him to remind them that they're not dealing with an amateur. They can only keep a man hidden for so long. 

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