Part 26

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Again same thing. 450 to 359 wow grt. Keep going. 🙄

Let's start

Anika is consoling seerat who is crying non stop when shivaay entered there.

Shiv. What happened why's she crying. He said  with panic.

An. Tia slapped her. She said wiping seerat's tears who snuggle more into her after listening tia's names.

Shiv. How dare she touch my daughter I won't leave her.

Ani. Leave it shivaay. She has already gotten her lesson.  First I slapped her then your son poured all colour on her face.  Shivaay look at her shockingly and next second he bursted into laughter.

Shiv. That's mean I don't need to give her any lesson.

Ani. Ha but shivaay she is stooping low. We have to do something of her.

Shiv. I know and I think I have to take action earlier other wise she can be harmful for all of us.

Ani. You are right.  Anyways I think we should sleep now. Babies are also tired.

S. Mummy can I sleep with you.  She said with glistening eyes.

Ani. Why not baby you can sleep with your mummy.  Infect today me you and your bhiyu will sleep together.

S. Hello Mrs I'm also here. 

Ani. Excuse me why you called me Mrs I'm not your Mrs.

Shiv.  But in few days you will be my Mrs. So why not to do practice before. He wink.

Ani. Ok ok stop your drama and bring shavi. He has a school also in morning.

Shiv. Yeah going. He kissed seerat head and went off.

In morning

Anika is making food for babies when pinky entered there.

P.  You would be happy so much to get my son. Isn't

Ani.  Yes I'm happy because shivaay loves me.  And I think you also should accept me because your son is not gonna leave me.  She said with tight smile.

P.  Keep your wings inside other wise I'll cut them in pieces. Shivaay is my son and he will do what I'll say to him. However I want tia as my Dil so he will marry with her only.

Ani.  Keep dreaming aunty.  It's not gonna happens.

P.  Really.  You really think so shivaay will Deny me.

Ani.  I don't need to think aunty. He has already done it.  After your yesterday drama he still brought me back in this house and I don't think so I should give you more proves. Anyways aunty tell me what you wanna eat I'll make for u with my own hands.

P.  You she shout and kept Anika's hand on fry-pen.

Ani.  Aaaaa

Shiv. Mom he shout and pulled Anika towards him who is wincing in pain.

Shiv. What was that ha how could you do this to her.

P.  She is trying to snatch you from me shivaay and I won't let her to do it.

Shiv. Mom stop being kiddish. She is my love and I'll marry her that's final and I think you should also accept her without any arguement.

P.  You will deny your mother shivaay. 

Shiv.  I don't have any other option mom.  Let's go anika he held her carefully and left from there leaving furious pinky. 

P.  Now wait and watch what will I do.

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