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Chivalry is in blood. The blood of a God is unscathed with anything impure, valour and courage running deep in their veins.

Immortality is a vow to protect the weak, heal wounds and rejuvinate the world but sometimes it's bearer goes astray. Instead of protection, abuse and torments are inflicted.

Selene was placing back and forth in her majestic white halls, enormous silver curtains of silk draped beside the high pillars.

Her mind was restless, peace all burnt to flames after meeting someone......her mate.

She screeched in fury, her blue eyes blazing with a wild rage, she didn't wanted him.

Her heart clenched in turmoil. How could she have a mate? It was impossible and that too a simple god? What can he do? Cover her with roses?

The moon goddess didn't wanted those pity things, she wanted the King of Darkness, his throne and above all she desired his heart to rule, she wanted a reign. And she wanted Persephone gone.....forever.

And what she got...a petty god with beautiful cyan eyes and blonde hair, the God of Lust and Love- Eros.

A blue smoke swirled and she rolled her eyes when Eros appeared from it. His eyes were kind and loving....nothing like Hades.

"I will never except a vile being as you." Eros froze, his heart shattering on hearing those words. She was his mate and his half and he already felt too much for her.

"Y-you don't mean that..." he whispered in pain.

"I fucking meant what I said, see yourself you are pathetic, what do you have even huh? A kingdom where fairies dance and love blooms...that's ridiculous." His heart burned in agony.

"I will love you forever Selene."

"if you want us to happen you have to do something for me." She twirled her hair seductively.

"Tell the gods about Persephone's curse, tell them that she is an abomination...a vile creature."

Eros couldn't believe his ears, this woman was tainted with evil, her body didn't had a single uncorrupted cell. He could hear her greed towards Hades, she would never accept him and his Love.

If she herself told that to the gods they would never believe her but if he told them.....they would and he will never tell them.

He could not have his mate but he will never let her severe the bond between Hades and Persephone. They deserved better than this.

"I will do it." Selene gave a sickly sweet smile. Eros was repulsed with the things this woman did.

His white wings covered with golden tipped feathers flapped as his body disappeared in the blue smoke.

The day would be remembered in the goldenblood history forever because it was the same day Eros came to Underworld giving it's King and Queen an ultimatum- a fortnight for coronation or else another mate for Hades.

The truth of Persephone's wolf was never revealed but once it will be exposed either there would be a war or a new mate for Hades.

And the truth would be exposed......Selene will make sure of it.

Persephone woke up from the deep slumber and it felt like someone had poured ice water on her, sweat covered her palms, her eyes widening. It wasn't a was a vision.

"Baby?" Hades sat up on seeing his mate's form rigid and shivering with cold. His pulled her closer, his arms wrapping around her small frame rubbing her back.

"Persephone, baby what happened?" He asked worry and concern lacing his tone.

"T-they will...they w-will take me a-away from you." Hades' jaw clenched as saw crystal droplets of tears trailing Persephone's cheeks.

"No one, absolutely no one has the power to take you from me goddess." He cupped her cheek making her look at him, wiping her tears and kissing her forehead softly, he massaged her scalp in circles.

"Rose" his cupped her cheek after she calmed down. Her eyes were red and face marred with dried tears.

"Can you see what I saw in my dream?" She snuggled into his chest as he buried his face in the crook of her neck.

"I you want me to?"
A muffled yes from her made him tense, she was still in torment from that vision.

He covered her head with his palm as she held him firmly, his eyes turned all black, the white pupil being swallowed in immense darkness.

A moment later he shut them close, his hold tightning on Persephone. They flew opened in rage.

"Nothing will seperate us Persephone, you have my word." She pulled back.

"Please mark me."


"Please Hades."

"You will become immortal Persephone. A life of eternity is not easy."

"Will you be always with me?"
"Yes goddess."

"Do you love me?" His eyes darkened with desire.
"Always did....will always do."

"Then I am ready my king." Her eyes filled with lust and extreme love just like his.

" Her eyes filled with lust and extreme love just like his

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