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Do what it takes to survive

That was something the people in the underground and the Survey Corps agreed on. Whether they were dealing with humans or Titans. Though, if you lived in the underground, you weren't really dealing with Titans all too much.
Even though everyone in the walls had a common enemy—Titans— humans still were a threat to others. The things people will do to just get a bit of food or just to live a bit longer.
  Nothing was worse than the people living underground. All of them expected to die from disease or by someone else's hands. Most people turned to crime, prostitution, or running brothels to make a living. The place had really gone to shit. Levi could tell as his squad and he walked around his old stomping grounds.
"Sir, what are we doing down here anyway? Historia has gotten most of the kids out, so there really isn't a reason we need to be here," Eren asked
"We're not here to take some kids out of here. We're actually looking for someone that could be useful to our cause. The underground's run by thugs, some of them are good at what they do, but their wasting potential down here. And with our numbers currently, we can offer them pardon for their crimes if they join the Scouts," Levi was somewhat against this. Mainly because that's how he got in the Scouts. And how he lost his two closets friends to Titans.
"So who is this person we're looking for?" Connie asked
"Hange didn't give me much of a description. Just her first name, (Y/n). We'll have to ask around," Levi answered
"That you Levi?" Someone asked
Levi looked around and spotted an older man. He remembered him. He'd remembered seeing him around back when he lived here. Furlan was a good friend of the old man, he had helped him out on multiple occasions.
     "Yeah. Surprised to see you're still kicking," Levi walked over to the man as his squad followed
"So am I," the man laughed, "what are you doing back here? You're living it well up top with the Scouts aren't you?"
"I'm looking for someone. Know anyone named (Y/n)?"
     "Yeah. People have been calling her the underground's angel. She helps out everyone she can. I haven't seen her around in a while. Check your old hid out, she used the go there a lot," he answered, "no Furlan and Isabel?"
"They were killed by a Titan on our first time out the walls."
     "Huh. Never thought they'd die like that."
"Yeah. Thanks for the information on where to find her."
"Oh and Levi," the older man grabbed his shoulders, his voice in a low whisper "Don't know if you remember (M/n),"
"Yeah, why?"
"(Y/n)'s hers and Furlans daughter."
Levi's eyes widened. He knew (M/n) had gotten pregnant and Furlan helped her through it. He didn't know it was his friends kid.
          "Thanks." He walked away as his squad followed.
"What that guy say?" Jean asked
"Nothing you need to worry about right now," Levi told them. He lead the group through the streets of the underground. Many of the people steered clear of their path as they headed to an old house.
          "This is where we're supposed to find her?" Eren asked
          "Come on," Levi simply said as they walked up the stairs to the door. Levi opened the door and the group walked in.
          "It's so clean," Sasha said
          The group looked around the room before a young (h/c) haired girl walked into the main room.
"She's hot," Jean muttered before getting hit by Mikasa in the back of the head, "Ow," he added and rubbed the back of his head
          "Are you (Y/n) Church?" Levi asked
          "Yes. Should I be concerned that the Survey Corps knows my name?" She asked
          "No, we didn't come to arrest you," Levi assured her
          "Then why did you come all the way down to the underground?"
          "We're recruiting," Levi answered
          "Well take me off the list because I'm not joining," (Y/n) turned around to leave the room
          "This was a waste of time," Connie muttered
          "The Queen's willing to pardon you of any crimes you've committed if you join the survey corps, you'd also be granted citizenship to the surface," This new information seemed to gain the young girls attention.
          "Sounds great, but not great enough to get me to put my life on the line, sorry. Talk to literally anyone else in the underground."
          "All of you wait outside," Levi instructed his squad. They nodded and walked outside and waited for their captain.
          (Y/n) looked back at the short man, "I'm not joining. The Scouts took three people away from me. I'm sure they're dead by now."
          "Two. Two of them are dead. Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia got eaten by a titan on their first day expedition outside the walls. I survived."
"Have you always been short or did toddler me have no understanding of height?" (Y/n) asked, now getting that this was her dad best friend
"I should kick your ass," Levi sighed, "We need numbers in the Scouts. If there was any other option, I would have turned around and left when I heard your last name. I already feel guilty enough about Furlan's death."
"If I say no now, will Scouts stop showing up and asking me to join?" She asked
"Most likely not," Levi answered
"Then I'll join."
          "I'll send someone from my squad back tomorrow to get you, be ready," and with that Levi headed outside and joined his squad.
          "Let's go," he said
          "Did you convince her to join?" Mikasa asked
          "Yeah," Levi didn't like that his friends daughter was joining, but he couldn't complain right now. He'd yell at Hange later about it.

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