Chapter Eleven

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The weather grew cold, winter must be truly coming, or its because she and her crippled brother are stepping closer and closer each day towards the North, Bran had not yet to decided where he wanted to go, but Lyanna knew he will soon decide he'll want to go up North. Lyanna hid behind the tree as she kept her eyes on a deer, she had Bran's bow and arrow ready, she stood sideways as she was ready to shoot the deer. She eyed over to the left, spotted the Reed girl in position in the distance, and she signalled that she was ready.

Lyanna fired an arrow, an arrow struck into deer's leg, running off, limping, still too fast, but limping. Meera ran after it and then Lyanna whistled to signal Visenya. The direwolf ran pass her and went to chase the deer. Lyanna chased where the deer ran off to. She found Meera first with net in her hands while Visenya wounded the deer. Lyanna told her wolf to get off, when the wolf listened, Meera immediately caught the deer with her net, pulled out her knife and then stabbed it few times.

"Visenya and Summer can have the rabbits" Meera said as she wrapped the deer with her net. "this could last us a week" She pulled the rope and dragged the dead animal back to Bran and Jojen. Meera and Lyanna laughed together as they were both happy that they caught a deer.

"You run fast than I" Lyanna told her.

"You shoot well, my lady" Meera handed Lyanna another rope so they can drag the deer quick and easy.

"We're not in Winterfell, Meera" Stark girl reminded, "call me Lyanna. I'm not a princess anymore, or Lady of Winterfell"

"You still are," Meera told her, "And yes, I'll call you Lyanna if you like"

They were far from Winterfell already, it must've been forth to sixth day since Lyanna left her home. It was like the very first time in her life that she left Winterfell, she doesn't remember leaving her home before, she wasn't born there, she and her twin brother, Robb were born in Riverrun. Even Bran never left Winterfell, they spent their lives in Winterfell.
Bran, Jojen and Hodor will be delighted when Lyanna and Meera show up with a deer. Bran complained a lot about eating frogs behind Jojen and Meera's backs, Lyanna told him the frog was filled with protein and will keep him going. So Lyanna went hunting every morning to look for food, or any animal she could find. The snares only caught rabbits once every day, Lyanna would go check the snares first before going hunting.

As they approached into the abandoned tower at mid-noon, they went inside... "Hodor, hodor, hodor, hodor, hodor," Lyanna could hear Hodor as they approached close. She saw Hodor shaking Bran who was sleeping. He shook him softly by the shoulders, back and forth and back and forth.

"It's happening again" Meera said to Lyanna. She knew Bran could be in the mind of Summer's, Lyanna hasn't know how to enter her own wolf's mind, she didn't know how at all.

"NO!" Bran shouted and woke up angrily. "Hodor, leave off, I'm here, I'm here."

Hodor stopped, looking abashed. "Hodor?"

"Brandon!" Lyanna said like in their mother's tone, it was like Bran was beginning to like to be in Summer's it was an addiction.

Down in the damp vault of some ancient watchtower that must have been abandoned thousands of years before. It wasn't much of a tower now. Even the tumbled stones were so overgrown with moss and ivy that you could hardly see them until you were right on top of them. "Tumbledown Tower", Bran had named the place; it was Meera who found the way down into the vault, however.

"You were gone too long." Jojen Reed was thirteen, near fourteen, only four years older than Bran. Lyanna was almost a woman, nearly sixteen. Jojen wasn't much bigger either, no more than two inches or maybe three, but he had a solemn way of talking that made him seem older and wiser than he really was, and tall as Lyanna. At Winterfell, Old Nan had dubbed him "little grandfather."

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