3. Almost everyone

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We all looked to see 3 other guys walk in, one of them being Jin who greeted me.

"Oh great, Kookie is here"

I smiled.

"Oh so you're the new roommate?" A tall tanned boy asked. I noticed he had really cute dimples while he was talking.

"Y-Yeah, I'm Jungkook!" I bow to the two new males.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Namjoon but you can call me Joon" I practically melted at his dimpled smile.

"I'm Yoongi" my gaze shifted to the shorter male, who was pale with very pretty features. I especially liked his cat-like eyes.

"Its nice to meet you hyungs!" I made sure to pull my brightest smile.

"Aww, isn't he adorable!" Another squish of the cheeks from Jimin.

"Yoongi darling, I want one!" The blank faced male completely ignored the whiney Jimin.

"Yoongles, come back here!" Jimin ran off after Yoongi, who left without a word.

The rest of the boys giggled at their behavior.

"They are like an old married couple" Namjoon states while putting an arm around Jin and giving him a quick peck.

"Ugh, you guys are like an old married couple" Hobi teased which earned him a glare from Jin.

I stood there, confused yet again.

"Are you guys together?" I asked curiously, tilting my head.

"Yes" they both said in sync.

"Aw, that's so cute! I've never seen a gay couple in real life" I say excitedly.

"Never?" Jin asks, shocked.

"That must be an understatement, there's at least one in every school!" Namjoon says, just as surprised.

"He's never been to school" Hobi says with a sad smile, "this is his first time"

The couple look at me wide eyed for a few moments.

"But... Then how did he go to events and stuff, you know, make friends" Jin asks curiously.

"See... That's the thing," Hobi says cautiously, "our parents are super over protective over little Kook, so he's basically a little child in a teenagers body"

"No way!" Namjoon looks bewildered.

"Yeah, he doesn't swear, doesn't know what D R U G S are, " he spelled out each letter as if I can't tell what it is, "he's never had any of his firsts and heck, I don't think he even knows what sex is let alone how to talk dirty"

I pouted, "I know what drugs are! Its either a powdery, liquid or solid like substance that can be used in some medicine, but the more common meaning for it is an addicti-"

"That. That's what he is" Hobi sighed while shaking his head at me.

"Damn... I had no idea anyone could be so clueless" Jin mumbled, earning a hum of agreement from Namjoon.

"Well... That's my brother for you"

We talked for a little while longer, until Jin said he needed to start on supper and I decided to help. We made a large  meal for everyone, while Jin explained everyones personalities to me. Including what their likes and dislikes are, so I don't get on anyone's bad sides. I was also informed that Yoongi and Jimin were also in a relationship, which made sense. I thought that I would get really homesick without my mom here, but I feel like I've already found a caring mother like figure within my new household.

"Now there is only one left to explain, and that would be Taehyung. You haven't met him yet but you should tomorrow. He is very... Difficult in one word. He is a good friend of mine, but he doesn't warm up to people easily"

I felt my shoulders slump, "so he won't like me?"

"No that's not what I mean.. What I'm trying to say, is that if you persevere and keep your intentions clear that you just want to get to know him and be his friend, he will eventually open up." Jin says with a reassuring smile.

Okay, well maybe it won't be that hard.

I quickly ran to knock on everyones door to tell them food is ready before going back down. We all settled down and dug into the delicious food, Jin and I getting praised for the meal.

"This is so much better than normal!" Jimin squeals happily, "must be because Jungkook did it"

A growl came from Jin, who was scowling at Jimin.

"Have something to say?" Jimin quirks an eyebrow at the irritated male.

"Actually yes. That chicken you are currently eating has my spit in it"

Jimins face scrunches in disgust, "eww, don't poison me!"

I giggle at their behavior.

"Don't laugh, you'll only encourage them" Yoongi snickered.

Jin whacked him on the back of his head, "you're laughing too, you moron. Control your bottom of a boyfriend!"

A what of a boyfriend? Bottom? As in a butt?

"Hey!" Jimin pouts.

"Well its true, you're not exactly top material" Hoseok smirks, making Jimin blush.

"S-shut up, you asshat"

"Bottom? Top? Asshat?" I ask confused.

Are we speaking different languages?

Suddenly the table goes quiet, everyone casting glances at each other.

"Um a bottom is-" Jimin starts, but Jin shuts him up.

"Don't worry about what that is, okay? Just some nonsense that cute babies shouldn't know about, okay?" Jin says gently.

I nod slowly, thinking its probably just best for me to listen to my second mother.

"Okay" we all continue our meals, and Namjoon starts talking again.

"So Jungkook, have you gotten your schedule?"

"Mmmhmm" I nod my head and hum, since my mouth is full of food.

"That's great, so now all you need to do is learn it off by heart" he graces me with a dimpled smile.

"I already have!" I grin happily.

"What?" Yoongi asks with wide eyes. Everyone had stopped moving and looked at me.

"How?" Yoongi's eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm good at memorizing stuff, since all I did back home was study and play Xbox"
I shrugged.

"No way!" Jimin gasps, "you're so lucky! It takes me over 9 months to learn mine off by heart, and by then the year is almost over!"

"That's just cause you're stupid" Hobi snorted, earning a high five from Namjoon.

We all had a good laugh at Jimin, Namjoon reminding everyone that he has no jams before finally heading off to bed for the next day.

You know what, I think I might just like it here...

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