Part Three

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"They said they don't like their school." RK asks Madhu the next day as Madhu watched Ayush and Ayusha taking shower. 

"I was coming to talk to you about that." Madhu tells him. 


"I want to put them in a better school." 

"You have any in mind?" RK asks her. 

Madhu nods. 

"We'll take them to that school today and see if they like it. If they do, we will put them there." RK tells her with a smile. Even though his guilt was killing him, he had decided that rather than wallowing on things that he couldn't change, he should concentrate more on those things that could be changed and that would make Madhu and the kids happy. 

RK was walking down the stairs when he hears an insistent ringing. He frowns at the door as Patil went to open the door. Then seeing the woman at the door his frown drops and he runs down to intercept her before she enters. 

"YOU STOOD ME UP!" she accuses him furiously as she strode in pushing Patil out of the way. 

"I forgot to call you." RK tells her as he reached her, he had completely forgot about her since the moment Madhu had thrown him out of the supermarket. 

"You forgot to call me?" she asks furiously. 

"Listen, Katherine... I'm sorry I stood you up and I should have called but I didn't. Now please leave." RK tells her as he quickly looked around to make sure Madhu wasn't around and stops in shock seeing Madhu at the stairs. 

"How dare you treat me like some unwanted dirt, you bastard?" Katherine asks furiously. 

"You need to leave now." RK tells her as he tried to lead her to the door seeing Madhu coming down the stairs towards them. 

"Don't touch me, you asshole. I waited for you like an idiot there for 2 hours. And your fucking phone had no fucking range!" she screams furiously. 

"Take this out, RK. I don't want these kinds of talks in the house with them nearby." Madhu angrily whispers to RK. 

RK turns to look at Madhu in panic and starts to apologize, "Madhu... I had a date with her yesterday... I am sorry... it was before..." 

"So you stood me up for this bitch?" she asks furiously. 

Before RK could blast her for insulting Madhu, Madhu slaps Katherine right across her face. RK flinches in shock; he would be surprised if Katherine didn't spit out her teeth. 

"You call him whatever you want, because he deserves it. But you don't know me and I don't know you, so you better not mess with me." Madhu furiously warns her while RK gapes at her in shock seeing the change in her from the lovesick Madhu he knew in school and college to this street-smart confident woman. "GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" Madhu orders her. Then she turns to RK and warns him, "If you can't keep your affairs outside this house then we will not stay here." 

RK's heart stops beating hearing her, it didn't even matter to her if he had affairs, she expected him to have affairs. "Madhu... I am not going to have any affairs. It is just you now." 

Madhu looks at RK in shock as her heart pumped forcefully for a beat then brushing his words aside she says "Get her out of here before the kids come down." 

RK had tried to talk to Madhu about Katherine issue and Madhu had shut him up by saying that she didn't care two hoots for him and his affairs. RK was hurt by her indifference but knew he deserved it for all that he did to them unknowingly. Decides to put that issue aside as that life of his was over and done with. It was not going to do anyone any good by digging more into it. 

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