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Barry sprinted into the D.E.O. via the absurdly large stairwell, reaching the top in the blink of an eye. Kara flew in through the massive open window; designed specifically to cater to her coming and going at a moments notice. The Kryptonian and Speedster high-fived each other, turning their attention to J'onn who didn't look at all impressed. To be fair, J'onn very rarely looked impressed and saving a kitten out of a tree wasn't going to earn them anymore then a blank, unimpressed stare.

"Good work, I'm sure Mittens is very pleased to be back home with her family" J'onn spoke calmly but with an authoritative voice that oozed confidence, "There's a bank robbery in progress in National City Bank. Mr. Allen, I'd like you to get down there" Before Kara or Barry could ask as to why Barry was being sent in alone, J'onn eyed Kara and gestured to another room. "I need a word, Supergirl"

He immediately walked off, knowing Kara would follow. She turned to look at Barry and silently mouthed the words 'help me' before following the Martian into the other room. Barry sighed and checked the map on the monitor in front of him, running back down the stairwell and into the streets. All of Winn's papers blew everywhere and he grumbled loudly, scooping up each page one by one.

Kara felt like she'd just been summoned to the principal's office when she walked inside and saw the look on J'onn faces. It was even less impressed than it was before and that was a bad sign. Something was wrong, and Kara knew this conversation wasn't going to end in sunshine and rainbows. It was most likely going to end up with her storming off and taking her frustration out on some rogue alien who feels entitled to what isn't theirs. Kara smiled brightly, attempting to lighten the mood and release some of the tension between the two. When J'onn did nothing but stare, Kara looked at the floor and balanced on her heels awkwardly.

"As much as I appreciate the help, the D.E.O. is fully equipped to take on extraterrestrial threats, Supergirl. Taking on human, and meta-human threats I can handle Mr. Allen doing. But I do not, under any circumstances, want the Flash taking on alien threats he isn't prepared to deal with. It will only cause collateral damage, and I don't want anything else to deal with right now. Do you understand?"

"Look,He's here to spend time with me and he's willing to help me keep National City safe! Rao knows I could use some assistance..." Kara admitted and fiddled with her hair sadly.

Truth be told, Kara never liked accepting help from anyone when it came to protecting National City, it made her feel incompetent and unworthy of being National City's protector but even the Girl of Steel needs saving from time to time.

"Why don't you trust him?"

"It's not a matter of trust, Kara. I just don't want to see Mr. Allen hurt because he dives head first into a situation he isn't prepared for" J'onn took a step forward and placed his hand on Kara's shoulder, squeezing it gently "Keep an eye on him. That's all I'm asking" He asked in a soft, polite voice he reserved for the Danvers sisters and the Danvers sisters only.

"Got it" Kara smiled and heard the whoosh which signalled Barry's return, Winn cried out in defeat once more as the papers he'd just stacked again in Barry's absence went flying everywhere, and this time further away. "I gotta go check up on Winn" She giggled and skipped out of the room. It went better then expected and Kara was beyond relieved.
"Come on, Winn. I'll take you to buy some paperweights later on" She said kindly and helped her friend scoop up his massive stack of papers. "What happened at the bank?" She looked up and asked Barry who had a massive cocky grin across his face.

"It's the Flash! Run!" Barry imitated the robbers and rolled his eyes "They're taking a little nap time in NCPD. I returned all the cash to three vault, got a few photos with people, signed plenty of autographs. Walk in the park!" He exclaimed happily and Kara found herself smiling slightly, finding this confident and capable side of Barry to be... endearing

I'm hungry... I could go for some donuts" He dashed out of the D.E.O.'s headquarters and down to the bakery Kara had shown him the last time he was in National City. He scooped up twenty four into one box and another twenty four into another, leaving the money on the counter with a generous tip. Running back into the D.E.O., Barry put the box down in front of Kara. Luckily Winn had collected the papers but not yet placed them down on his desk. He eyed Barry cautiously and put them in a drawer instead, prompting a laugh from the Scarlet Speedster.


Elsewhere, in an undisclosed location, Lillian Luthor sat at her desk in the dark, only being illuminated by the light coming from her massive monitor that practically took up the entire wall. National City News was reporting on multiple sightings of 'The Blur' after his absence for nearly two years. The headline at the bottom of the screen read 'The flash " and it spiked Lillian's interest.

"National City has had multiple sightings of the infamous Flash after he saved Supergirl while fighting rogue. Supergirl has also been sighted working alongside this Scarlet Speedster. National City has another hero and this time, it looks like he's here to stay.
After waiting a few moments to visually scan the images on screen of the Flash arrogantly posing for photos and shots of him in action alongside Supergirl, Lillian shut off her monitor and stood in the dark smiling.



Later that night, Kara and Barry were sitting at the counter, eating pizza and potstickers, Kara's favourite food combination of all time. They were scoffing down their dinner at inhuman speeds. Neither of them minded that the others manners were taking a slight nap in the other room.

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