Chapter 12: Medical Skills

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"• • • •! Look, she's starting to wake up!"

"It appears so. Hello, young one."

"Aww! Hey • • • • she got different colored optics! Primus! She's so cute!"

"Yes, she is • • • • ."

"You wanna try to hold her?"

"Very well."

"Primus, you both look so adorable! She looks just like a mini you!"

"• • • • ..."

"What?! It's the truth, my mech."

". . ."

"We will protect her forever won't we • • • • ?"

"Yep, course we will."


- -

- - -

- - -

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- - -

- -



Cecilia slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and pulled up the covers. She dozed off for a moment before her eyes snapped open once again. She sat up abruptly and looked around.

This wasn't her room.

Oh, wait. Now she remembers.

She was in a warship filled with Cybertronians. She was kidnapped a few weeks ago by Knockout and now he was training her to be his apprentice.

She blinked and looked around. Yup, still here and not a dream.

She was on a makeshift bed surrounded by a few pillows and covered by a soft purple blanket. Her little sleeping spot was placed on the Third in Command's desk.

A low growl made her head turn to her side. Ravage's form and sprawled on the edge of the table. His tail swishing side to side and ears flicking occasionally.

The panther had been observing the human femme for a while now. She interested him. Soundwave had personally asked him to guard the human. He didn't mind. His brothers Rumble, Frenzy, and Laserbeak went on a mission to spy on the Autobots early this morning. That left him, Ratbat, and Buzzsaw who just came back from his scouting mission.

He stood from his relaxed position, stretched and went over to the human femme. He gently used his denta to bite the scruff of her shirt and lift her off the bed and helped her off the high location.

Almost a month had passed since Cecilia was brought to the Nemesis. She still has her link with Laserbeak and Ratbat. She was introduced to Buzzsaw yesterday, the other condor didn't trust her that much. But she was fine with it. He'll warm up to her eventually.

She was under the careful care of Soundwave and his symbiotes. When the purple mech was busy, she was allowed to stay in Knockout's medbay accompanied by either Laserbeak, Ravage and/or Ratbat. The youngest brother enjoys being with the human girl. He clings on to her as she did light work in the medbay, while she takes notes of Knockout's medical lessons, learning ancient Cybertronian with Soundwave, and when she sat somewhere and sketched.

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