Chapter 12 - Self-esteem issues

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Hey all, I suppose I should have written earlier this afternoon, but I was too busy having a huge snowball fight with my girlies and some guys we met. It was SOO much fun!!!! :)

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Chapter 12

Leon's POV

Punches and slaps were being thrown so fast, it was hard to tell who was throwing them and when the next one would come.

I tried my best to get away from the fighting, but all the punches seemed to be aimed at  me, so it was difficult. All the time, I was paranoid someone would throw something, whether a punch or something like a book at Lana, who was still on the floor, or so I thought.

However, when at last I got the girl, who was slapping me for 'hurting' Max, off me, I looked around for Lana but couldn't see her. I panicked, thinking of all the different possibilities of where she could be.

But Lana was nowhere to be seen, and my  brain couldn't think of 1) what had happened to her, and 2) where she could be.

I was just about to set off in a random direction, but the hall had suddenly gone silent. I spun back around to see why there was no noise. To come face to face with the head teacher. Ah crisps! Not good! He didn't look like he wanted to discuss my grades!

"Am I right in believing that you started this fight, Mr. Jones?" the head asked, anger seeping into his voice. I was literally quaking in my boots, except that I wasn't wearing boots. Not daring to lie to him, for fear of an even worse punishment, I nodded my head dumbly.

"Well then, care to explain why?"

This time however, I did stand up for myself. "Well, sir, my best friend is on crutches after breaking her ankle yesterday, and that jerk," I motioned at Max, I think his name was, well so his groupie told me! "tripped her up, causing her to land on her broken leg! So I hit him."

To me it seemed like a great reason to hit someone, but the head obviously had no friends in high school!

"2 weeks after school detention for outrageous behaviour!" he said, steam almost coming out of his ears. As soon as he turned his back, I smirked. I didn't care about dentention, I cared about Lana.

Now where was that girl??

Lana's POV

After Leon had shot back at Jenna which only her and I coud hear, we walked (I hopped) away. I felt victorious that we had won one over on that cow, but when I heard the faint snap of her petite fingers, I knew something wasn't right. Leon had stopped, but I carried on, thinking he would follow. However, his footsteps didn't start up again, I glanced behind me to see where he was at.

Whoever it was took their chance to trip me up, and my crutch wiped out from beside me, and all my weight lurched forwards and onto my broken ankle. My leg buckled and pain seared up it, causing my eyes to tear up, and warm, salty tears trickled down my cheeks.

I was in so much pain, I hadn't realised there was a fight going on around me until I felt someone tug my hair, hard. I winced as I turned my head to face whoever was viciously tugging my hair.

Surprise, surprise. I came face-to-face with a smirking Jenna, looking like she had won a victory over me. Yeah right!

"Nobody messes with me and gets away with it!" she snarled. What was she going to do? First I felt a hand whip across my face, surely leaving a handprint, but I didn' think that was what she had in store for me. I was right too. I got my answer when a pain, indescribable pain shot up through my leg causing me to scream. She just stomped on my broken ankle, creating more cracks to be heard.

I was blinded by pain, so much so, I didn't even notice Jenna disappearing in front of me, and someone gently lift me to my good foot. Then someone handed me my crutches, and supported me lightly, whilst guiding me somewhere. Somewhere that I hoped was the nurse's office.

I was guided through a door, and was sat down. My eyes were still to blury to see properly, so when someone handed me something - I think it was a tissue - and I carefully wiped my eyes so I could see.

Once I could, I looked around to see that I was indeed in the nurse's office, with Elliot and a good-looking guy sat next to him, grinning at me. Why were they smiling, I was in so much pain!?!?!??

I looked from Elliot to the mystery guy and back again. I was confused about why they were grinning and who mystery guy was!!!

My gaze finally rested on Elliot, and I raised my eyebrow at him, and flickered my glance to mystery guy, silently asking who it was.

He caught on: "Oh, that's my best friend, Pete! You can trust him, I promise."

For some unknown reason I believed Elliot, and turned to Pete. I looked him over, taking in his appearance. He was actually really good-looking, with light brown hair that swept into a fringe, and milky brown eyes that looked like they could see into souls. I was slightly uncomfortbale under his gaze. I lowered my gaze and observed his clothes. He was wearing a fleece jacket as it was cold, but had it undone, revealing a plain white t-shirt that showed his washboard abs, and light denim jeans. Overall, pretty handsome.

I waved at him once, to acknowledge him, and he smiled back. Wow he had a nice smile.

'Hey, hey. Don't go forgetting Zac.'

'Jeez, I'm allowed to think these things for two reasons: 1) I don't actually like Zac like that and 2) I'm a teenage girl, I have hormones!!!!'

'Well you shouldn't!'

I could just imagine my conscience sticking their tongue out at me.

"So, Lana, how about we go out sometime?"

I cannot believe someone would ask me. Especially someone as good looking as Pete.

Once again, with the self-esteem issues. Goodness, I needed help.

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