chapter forty six - I

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"Chug it, Abs," Nia says with a smirk as she tilts the bottle up a little with her finger. I squeeze my eyes shut and try to ignore the burning in my throat as I chug the vodka straight from the bottle.

We're playing catch up since there was so much traffic on the way back from the game, and since I told Tristan we'd meet them in his room in twenty minutes and we're still only mid-way through getting ready, we've resorted to multitasking. AKA - chugging vodka while getting ready.

We were smart about it though, we made sure to do our makeup before touching the liquor.

The drink prices in Vegas are insane, so to prevent us from not being able to pay rent when we get back home, we're all trying to get as drunk as we can before we leave so that the drinks that we do buy are to maintain the drunkenness, not to achieve it.

Nia finishes the final touches on my hair and I admire it in the mirror as I pass her the bottle of vodka. I went for my usual loose waves, but somehow they always look so much better whenever Nia does them. She achieves a level of volume that I can never seem to recreate. They look tousled and effortless - a little bit like sex hair, but not in a bad way - and I grin at her in the mirror as she throws her head back and chugs while swaying her hips to the music playing from the speakers.

Jenny pulls open the bathroom door and steps out in a short leopard print dress that gives her legs for days and makes her boobs look amazing, but honestly, I'm not sure if it's the dress or the push-up bra she borrowed from Nia. Either way, the dress looks unreal on her, especially against her long white-blonde hair.

"But can you twerk?" Nia teases, bending down to shake her butt as she holds the bottle up over her head.

"Always," Jenny stumbles a little and grabs onto the bed for support before she bends over and mirrors Nia's movements as a laugh slips through her lips. Her dress rides up dangerously high, but it covers all the important stuff, so that's a yes for her. Her smile is blinding as she crosses the room and takes the bottle from Nia.

I can tell by the way she sways in place that she's already drunk, but she presses the bottle to her lips and shakes her hips to the Usher song blasting through the speakers.

I get up so she can take my place and she passes me the bottle as she falls into the chair with an excited squeal. My suitcase is propped open on the bed, but I close it and pull open Nia's because I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit tonight.

There's an explosion of clothes across our room and when I don't see the leather mini skirt in her suitcase I start searching the floor until I spot it near the nightstand. I throw my head back and chug again, because we're running out of time and I really don't have the money to spend on drinks tonight, especially not after I spent over a hundred dollars on lingerie yesterday. The liquor burns like hell going down and I groan dramatically as I put the bottle down on the nightstand. I can already feel the alcohol coursing through me, and when I bend down to pick up the skirt and turn around toward her suitcase I can feel my brain lag a little as it takes me a little longer to focus my vision.

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