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"Alex, I'm going to need you to take that off now

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"Alex, I'm going to need you to take that off now." I spoke sternly to this drunk man child who was currently walking around our hotel room with a bed sheet tied around his neck like he was a goddamn superhero.

"You don't get it Christian, this is the only way to destroy the enemy and secure the castle." Alex mumbled back.

Okay. Alex had officially lost it. "What kind of dungeons and dragons bullshit are you spewing now?"

"You've played dungeons and dragons?" Alex asked, completely ignoring the rest of my question.

"That's not the point." I groaned, as I stood up and made my way towards Alex. "We've got to get to bed, so give me that sheet."

My hand went out expectantly, and soon enough, Alex complied. "Now," I continued on as I set the sheet back on the bed, "the next order of business is to get you out of whatever the fuck you're wearing, and physically into this bed."

Alex had already tried getting his tie off, but instead, it got caught around his head and he just left it there. He now looked like one of those Japanese businessman after a night out drinking.

"But this is comfy." He whined.

"I'm not letting you sleep in a suit, Alex." Was all I replied with as my hands went up to help him with his tie. Moments after I managed to get the knot loosened, it slipped over his head seamlessly.

The jacket came off next, and I placed both articles of clothing on the chair near the entrance of the hotel room. When I made it back to Alex, I noticed his face was redder than usual. "Y-You know I can t-totally do this on my own-" he started, as he attempted (and failed) to undo the buttons on his dress shirt.

"Shush." I replied, swatting his hands away. The buttons came undone easily against my fingers. Each button revealed more of his skin, and soon enough, the shirt fell to the floor to reveal his bare chest. His face was was flushed, as I eyed him up and down. I hadn't meant to stare... I really hadn't.

But I couldn't help myself.

He wasn't buff or muscular, but he was incredibly toned. Far more toned than I had expected. It was an odd first thought that came to mind, but he had the body of a runner.

I pointed to his dress pants. "Take those off."

His eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of his eye sockets as he replied with a very shaky "W-What?"

"Your pants. Take them off." I instructed. If it was possible for Alex's face to get any redder, it would have. He started fumbling with his belt as he did his best to pull it out from all the loops. When he did finally free his waist up, he was able to undo the clasp and slip out of the fabric.

He was wearing some boxer briefs. Once those pants were stripped away, I noticed the defined v lines that slipped into the hem of his boxers.

I finally ripped my eyes away away from his body, as a full assortment of thoughts raced through my mind. Instead, I directed my attention to his suitcase and pulled out a plain grey shirt he had packed. All his items looked conveniently and neatly rolled, as if he took time to plan every outfit for this trip. I don't know why that had made me smile, but it did.

"Put this on." I handed him the shirt. He did his best to get the shirt open and over his head, but when he pulled it down, I noticed the tag was sticking up from the front.

"It feels all itchy." Alex mumbled as he rubbed at his neck.

"That's because you have it on backwards." I replied with a chuckle. I moved closer to him, until my hands were close enough to grab at the hem of the shirt. When I started to slide the shirt back up, my fingers grazed his sides, and I felt him shiver against me.

Fuck. I noticed his eyes had slightly shut at the contact.

I couldn't help myself as I trailed another finger down the grooves his ribs made. He shuddered, unintentionally leaning into the touch. My eyes found his again, and I studied his expression as I continued to drag my fingers up to his chest. It was almost like he wanted to look away... but he didn't.

"Alex." I spoke softly. I wasn't even sure what words were going to leave my lips next.

Alex didn't say anything as he stared back at me.

Instead, he did something far more enticing. He got up on his tippy toes and placed his lips softly against mine.

I froze completely, unsure of what to do or say.

It was only when he started to pull away from me, did my body finally stop acting like a fucking idiot. My hands tightened around his torso and I pulled him into me again, closing the distance.

The kiss started out innocent. I slowly moved my lips against his, getting a feeling for just how comfortable he was with this. His skin was warm and soft to touch, which made me want to explore. I gently massaged the area around his hips and lower back, craving more of this feeling as his hands tangled into my hair.

My teeth went out to delicately prod at his lower lip, and Alex let out a low moan.

That was when I forced myself to pull away.

Alex was still on his tippy toes with his eyes closed, and when I took a step back, his eyes slowly opened. He looked dazed, but his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I'm sorry." He mumbled out quickly, but I waved my hand to dismiss it.

"You're still very drunk." I explained, "let's get you to bed."

He gave me a nod and started to stumble to the bed. Instead of gracefully slipping under the covers, Alex did the same thing he did the first night I was at his apartment.

He face planted into the mattress.

I couldn't stop the largest smile from spreading across my lips as I pulled off my own work clothes and got into bed.

"Did I do something wrong?" Alex asked, with his words muffled by one of the pillows.

"There's a lot of shit you did wrong today," I told him as I pulled the blanket over the both of us, "but that kiss was not one of them."

Not at all, I thought to myself. My hands reached under the covers to adjust my growing bulge.



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