Triple Lusted (Male!KFC x Fem!Reader)

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...Hey mah naughty chicken nuggets~

This fanfic is going to dip you into some spicy sauce~

So yeah, if you still don't understand, its a lemon. Well, the start of a lemon at least. Also...this is my first REAL attempt at a lemon so.....don't judge! Please.... Also if you catch any mistakes please feel free to let me know in the comments!

This fanfic idea was brought to you byyyyyyy:

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Aight, let's get into this mess *tosses you into fanfic*






"Your smile. It could outshine the brightest of stars."

"Your hair is....uh...really soft and pretty..."

"Absolutely sexy."

Somehow, in some way, you had gotten into a flirt war.

You press your hands to your face, trying and failing to hide how embarrassed you were. You were trying to flirt back you really were. It's just....

*Frisk grabs your thighs*

*Chara grabs your hand*

*Kris grabs your waist*


You nervously shifted your body around and tried to casually lift the boys' hands' off of you so you could make a move. This failed, seeing as the boys were bluntly refusing to stop caressing your body. 

"U-uhmmm guys..? Could you maybe...lay off me and flirt with each other? I want to have a chance to play too~" You try to assert some sort of dominance with the three. The Trio just looked at you with unreadable expressions, pondering your request.

"...Ok." Kris was the first to respond. He slowly removed his grip on your lower waist and looked at Frisk. Now, Frisk was usually not the 'Submissive' type, but the way Kris' eyes were half-lidded and gazing into Frisk's closed iris', it sent shivers down Frisk's spine.

Frisk immediately knew what was going to happen next, but before he could even try prepare to flirt before Kris, he was pinned against the couch. Arms up, legs open, completely exposed. Even you knew that the only thing protecting Frisk now was his clothes.

You see, Frisk and Kris have always been going at it since they met. Frisk could be dominant if he really wanted to, but Kris was a bit more experienced then him. Kris smashed his lips up to Frisk's, and you could hear the huffing noises that were escaping Frisk's mouth. Frisk knew that the only way out of this was to be even more aggressive and seductive. In the past, Frisk and Kris could go off on eachother so much that they would get close to fucking eachother. But this time the 'About to Fuck' stage came quicker than usual.

"Frisk...~" Kris moaned into Frisk's ear. Frisk's body was pressed further into the couch with almost no way to escape.


But that's where you come in. You slid your hand up Kris' shirt and started to caress his pecks (I am not saying nipple) while dry grinding your body against his. Kris was caught off guard by this and loosed his grip on Frisk. That's where he fucked up real bad.

Frisk, seeing the oppurtunity, quickly grabbed both of Kris' wrist's and slid out from under him. He then twisted Kris' wrist's and bent his arms behind his back and pushed Kris' body face first into the couch. 

Chara was sitting on the sofa across from them, getting really aroused by watching Kris get knocked from his throne of dominance, and then lost it at what he saw next.

Kris had his face in the couch, hands behind his back, ass up, and was panting heavily.

Frisk held a firm grip on Kris' wrist's, while you now had a frim grip on his waist.

"W...well...wasn't gang up on me..." Kris said in the muffle of the couch, in between each heavy breath.

"Yeah? W...well it was the.....only way Frisk could...get out of there..." 

Kris chuckled and turned his head to look at Frisk. 

"Got saved by a girl....heh...your such a damesl in...distress..."

You pressed your crotch harder against Kris' ass, pushing him farther into the couch than he already was.

"Ahhh~" Kris unintentionally moaned. His voice was so deep, it was to hear those type of noise come out of his mouth. You wondered how a noise like that would sound out of Frisk's mouth? Or Chara's?

Frisk's face was extremely red. Yours on the other hand was quite normal, there was just a tint of pink on your cheeks. The three of you honestly didn't know what to do now. You guys were just sitting in that position. You unconsciously began to lightly grind onto Kris' ass, your body wanting some sort of friction.

That's when Chara jumped in, quite literally. He tackled Frisk, causing him to lose his grip on Kris' wrists and tumble along with Chara. Then you were suddenly in danger. Kris bucked into your crotch, causing a loud moan to escape due to the unexpected friction.

The three boys looked over at you, Kris, his face barely being able to turn since it was still deep in the couch, Frisk and Chara, who seemed to have started ripping each other's clothes off. That was a fun sight to see. 

You blushed immensely, the rosy color filling up your entire face.

"Uh...that...was on...accident.." You stuttered.

But your shy tone just aroused the teens more. Kris flipped over, not putting you under him, but so he was faced upright, his chest moving softly up and down to the pattern of his breathing.

You were pretty aroused yourself. Your next actions were not of your own, but of pure lust. You removed your shirt causing the boys' to blush and avert their eyes. You then took off your shorts and sat upon Kris' body in only your bra and panties. 

Kris in a way was sort of afraid. But the aura of dominance that surrounded you made him excited in more ways than one. You glanced over at Frisk and Chara, their clothes mostly off anyway just Chara in a tank top and boxers, and Frisk, just in his boxers. It made you smirk hungrily at the two teens, causing them to shrink back a little. The three had never seen you so full of lust.

But oh boy, were you just getting started.


  - Momma Chicken Nugget