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AN// so this is part 3 to mommy//g.d my loves <3 hope you like !!

(y/ n pov)

"That was fun," You said, kicking your shoes off as you entered the house. June's head was rested against Grayson's shoulder, body tired from all the time she spent on the swings.

"Fun," She said quietly. You smiled, kissing forehead as you walked by. Grayson carried her into the kitchen and set her on the counter. You smiled, pulling off her shoes.

"Let's eat dinner, then you can go to bed, okay?" Grayson asked. June gave him a small nod and let out a little yawn. Grayson smiled, bending down to give her a kiss on the forehead. June let out a little sigh and you smiled.

"So what's for dinner Mr. Dolan?" You asked, pushing yourself up onto the counter next to June and pulled her into your lap. She rested her head against your chest and you smiled down at her. "My angel's so tired," You said pouting. Grayson turned and smiled at the both of you.

"I think we're gonna have broccoli," Grayson said. You looked down and June smiled. Unlike all the other kids, broccoli was June's favorite vegetable. "You want some potatoes too?" Grayson asked her. She shook her head and sat up. You smiled.

"Braid mommy's hair?" June asked. You nodded. She giggled as you slipped down from the counter and carried her to the little kitchen table. You stood her on the table and grabbed a chair. She giggled as you sat on the chair and she began to pick on your hair.

"Don't pull too hard, okay?" You asked. You heard a noise of agreement and sighed. Grayson and smiled as he looked up from cutting the broccoli. "What?" You asked. Grayson simply shook his head. You smiled and checked the time.

"Shouldn't you two shower?" Grayson asked. You turned back to look at June who whined as you messed up her braid. "Go shower before dinner, then we can all sleep after we eat," He said, turning the stove on. You sighed, knowing a shower was only going to make June drowsier. Nonetheless, you stood up, lifting her onto your hip.

"Alright, we'll get into the shower," You said as you walked past Grayson. He leaned down to press his lips to yours and kissed June on the head. She yawned as the two of you made your way upstairs. "You wanna just go to sleep without telling daddy?" You asked with a smile, walking into Grayson's room. She shook her head and you smiled.

"Girl time," She said as you stood her on the sink counter. You laughed and nodded, getting her ready for a shower. "Bubbles?" She asked, pulling off her overalls, all by herself. You shook your head.

"Let's just shower okay?" You asked. She nodded, reaching up for you. You smiled, pointing to her hair. She frowned. "Want me to take it out?" You asked. She shook her head, holding her head.

"Clip up," She said, pointing to the hair clips along the bottom of your sweatshirt from work. You smiled. You clipped up the bottom of her braids so they wouldn't get wet and got ready to get into the shower together.

But before you could, you had that feeling in your stomach. You couldn't wait to get home tomorrow. You had to do it now, you just had to. "Can mommy do something before we go in?" You asked her. She nodded, confused. She sat down on the counter and you sighed, walking to your cabinet, one that had been cleared out just for you by Grayson himself.

"Whatchu doing?" June asked as you rummaged through the cabinet. You smiled up at her as she peered down at you, head tilted. "Baby stick?" She asked as you pulled out the pregnancy test. You put a finger to your lips.

"Mommy's going to take another one," You whispered. She nodded, hand over her mouth to cover her giggles.

Grayson had you take one before, a couple of months ago, when you both had been sure you were pregnant, but two tests had come out negative. But this time, you didn't tell Grayson about the throwing up or your missed period. That's why you'd come over in the first place, knowing you'd left some tests in the cabinet from last time.

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