Fade - Chapter 14

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The snowflakes sting the boy's cold, watering eyes. His footsteps are heavy, as if he is trying to crush and suppress a great burden with his shoes. But the two demons carry on, their breath visible through the the red-tinted skies, the steam swirling away in delicate bursts of frost. It is as if the icy air is exhaling an impossible wrath upon his sensitive skin.

Ciel's recent past has been introverted, as he has been stuck in the manor for quite some time. His gaze is one full of awe as he takes note in the striking green and brown hues that peek through the blinding white, much like the red undertones his own mansion takes hold of. It is like he has been introduced to a whole new world... one that he fears he has forgotten and fabricated in his own mind's eye. His eyes graze over Sebastian's dark demeanor, glaring at the contrast of black against white.

Ciel is not cold deep in the snow, for the first time in his life. His cheeks do not burn an icy pink, his lungs do not gasp for the air they once refused, and he feels quite comfortable in the cool air. His shoulders stay motionless, now... no longer shaking in the still air.

They travel through the nearby forest, the fallen leaves crunching underfoot in a frozen attempt to stay alive. It is eerily silent besides their heavy footsteps, the majestic trees stretching high into the pale, gray skies above them. The scenery is in a monochromatic haze of white; the fallen snow seemingly whispering a haunting tune.


Ciel says, breaking the deadly silence.

"What would you have done... if Claude had never taken me?"

Sebastian stops his walking, his eyes shifting up to the greyscale of a sky. He pauses there for a long minute, his face still and his expression flawless. Ciel had stopped walking, turning back to take a long look at the man.

"I would much like to say that I wouldn't have consumed your soul... but I am afraid I would have. Whether or not I would have regretted that decision, I cannot say... but I imagine that somewhere along the lines. I would've looked back and realized what I had done."

Ciel feels a twinge of hurt, but it melts int he moment he realizes that he is the one whom asked the ridiculous question. Ciel ponders why such a question arose in him, yet his gaze stays heavy at his feet as his mind stays as blank as the snow in front of him.


"Ciel, please don't-"

He stops, sighing. They both know that what they have has come about for a reason, and that the rarity of their bond is a special one that came to be almost on it's own accord. Ciel's heart still beats in his chest; rising and falling.

"I know, Sebastian."

Ciel walks up to him, running his fingers along his jawline. No words are spoken, as they are un-needed. Ciel leans up, wrapping his arms around Sebastian's neck and entangling his fingers in his dark ebony hair.

"I am not cold, now that I am with you."

Slowly, his lips connect with Sebastian's. Taking a deep breath, he revels in the feeling of Sebastian's arms snaking around his waist protectively, holding him close in the thin air. He tilts his head further, allowing Sebastian to slip his tongue inside his mouth. Ciel caresses the man's hair, his fingers fisting in the locks of black. Sebastian pulls him closer, his arms tightening against Ciel's waist.

He pulls his head away slowly, ghosting his hot breath against Ciel's cool neck. He lightly licks the sensitive skin, sending a shiver through the boy.


"You never wanted this, did you?"

Sebastian whispers into his ear and Ciel whimpers out another moan in response, caught up in the feeling of being so close to the one he desires most.

"You never wanted to be a demon?"

Ciel, eyes still closed, shakes his head, resting it against the stronger man's chest.

"But I love you."

He sighs.

"And I would've gone through hell just to be with you."

They venture further through the thickening mist of snow and ice, waiting for the bite of wind to prove too much... knowing that it never would. They walked wordlessly through the hidden meadows and fallen trees, passing an invisible bed of moss.

"You are quite special, Ciel."

"Hmm... and why is that?"

"Never in my life have I met such a creature as you. Never have I been so utterly perplexed regarding someone's actions; they way they move and speak. Never have I been changed so much in such a little time."

"Neither have I."

He whispers, then becomes quiet, his mind drifting off to the infamous maps and papers that lay still on his whimsical desk of rhymes and darkness.

"Sebastian, I want to know more about the disappearances of the other demons. I have a very strange feeling about that."

"Well, my love... I don't know much other than that around the same time, heaven's angels grew in unimaginable numbers. None are quite sure if the angels themselves disposed of the demons, as they may well have, but all are sure of the fact that angels do not simply pop up out of nowhere."

"Perhaps they, themselves turned into angels?"

Sebastian smirks, his brow arching in an attractive fashion. Ciel's blush is noticeable as his sheepishness surfaces.

"That, would not be possible."

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